Workplace Wellness Trends That Have a Say On Increased Productivity

Hanna Wilson, HR tech Outlook | Friday, October 23, 2020

FREMONT, CA: Instead of offering wellness benefits and packages to all employees, organizations will give employees the power to control their wellness offerings and choose wellness programs that match their needs Workplace wellness increases productivity, enhance employee engagement, alleviate stress, reduce absenteeism, prevent burnout, and improve the overall health of employees.

Here are four workplace wellness trends in 2020:

Wellness to Get a Tech Makeover

Tailored wellness experiences in the physical workplace can utilize the power of the Internet of Things to allow employees to control their environment. Artificial intelligence and big data can also help organizations make better decisions on where they need to invest their wellness offerings. But making use of data, organizations can modify their wellness programs to make it more personalized for employees.

Mental Health will to be the Focus

Companies will soon focus on tackling employees’ mental health by offering safe spaces for people to talk about their mental state and provide tools and resources to help them cope with stress, anxiety, and depression.

Top 10 Employee Wellness Companies in Europe - 2020Other strategies to resolve mental health are:

• Offering flexible working policies.

• Encouraging employees to be more physically active.

• Providing employees with access to meditation platforms or provide yoga or meditation classes every week in the workplace.

Growth of Holistic Wellness

Employee wellness programs and benefits will soon become more comprehensive, and there will be more programs that help employees with financial wellness and reskilling efforts as well as programs to manage and cope with stress and depression.

Providing comprehensive employee programs and benefits shows that a company cares not just about its employees’ work performance but also their total life satisfaction. With these kinds of programs, it will aid companies in attracting and retaining talents.

Personalized Wellness Experiences

Workplace wellness will become personalized, giving employees more control over their wellness offerings and allowing them to decide programs that fit their needs.

Companies need to offer a variety of wellness program options and enable employees to choose which program suits their needs as each employee is in a unique place in their lives.

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