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July 18, 2019

Feature of the Week
With the help of analytics, HR professionals can access a vast repository of employee data at a glance, which helps in enhancing their efficiency. Real-time analytics allows professionals to make decisions when they matter the most.
Effective leadership requires perception and understanding. Budding entrepreneurs often fail to perceive the behavioral patterns hindering their growth and end on a path of misguided execution.
The workplace environment can be affected by both positive and negative ideologies. However, there is no denying the positive impact of technology in the workplace.
Featured Vendors
AI-driven platform that enables employees to ask questions, submit incidents, and order goods and services.
A software company providing the best Human Resource management solution in the globe.
Innovative Way specializes in delivering business process strategy, solutions, and insights to our clients, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies.
CHRO Viewpoint
Augie Schulke, EVP & CHRO, Veolia North America
The system will allow employees to grow professionally while eliminating shortcomings in traditional HR learning systems.
Matthew D Owenby, Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer, Aflac Inc.
Whether its candidate screening, or ChatBot onboarding, these new AI tools are extremely promising and have the highest probability of impacting the productivity of staffing teams.
CXO Insights
By Jackie Breslin, Director of Human Capital Services, TriNet [NYSE:TNET]
Once you have provided the proper healthcare and retirement benefits, employee perks are great tools for attracting millennial employees.
By Tiffany C Diehl, Director - People & Organizational Development, Brown-Forman
Companies that leverage their HCM and the available internal profiles for planning are maximizing their talent pool and increasing the accuracy of the entire process.