Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, January 23,2020

Feature of the Week

When a worker gets injured on the job, the employer is liable to pay for the medical bills and lost wages that the worker suffers.  Read more
An unhealthy lifestyle and poor diet can lead to increased mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and self-esteem. Unlike physical symptoms, these psychological symptoms are often more challenging to pick on.  Read more
Companies hire a consulting firm or OD expert that offers a non-biased perspective on ways of improving the company and its operational processes. This results in improvement processes at all levels within the organization.  Read more
There are a large number of employees today who work from remote locations or work on a project basis. This makes it difficult for HR professionals to define and measure employee experience regarding such employees.  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

By Mindy Geisser, CHRO, Colliers International  
We have built a customized executive leadership development program called Elevate, in partnership with a number of organizations, and most directly with Harvard.  Read more
By Alan Sioberg, VP & CIO, Georgia System Operations Corporation  
Sure, training is required on the tool itself, but we found we could train someone with no coding experience to build workflows.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Peter Stackpole, Co-Founder and CEORaj Soni, Co-Founder and CTO  
SmartAI provides you its intelligence-driven BOTs that offers great conversational experience. These smart BOTs can chat with customers colloquially and are customized to seamlessly manage business-specific applications. These BOTs can help you...  Read more
By Sri Coles, CEO  
SunFish DataOn Philippines, Inc., is a subsidiary of DataOn, an IT and services provider. DataOn, founded in 1999, delivers HR solutions and has been enhancing the SunFish HR software, a human resource capital management system (HCM). Following...  Read more
By Chandru Pingali, Founder & CEO  
iCube is a consortium of select global and local practitioners to build HR and Organisational capability for clients. It is an expert Human Capital Management (HCM) firm that develops structured HR practices for enterprises to support sustained...  Read more

CXO Insights

By Donna Cooper MS, NCC, Career Management, Onboarding and Encore Career Planning, The Workplace Coach, LLC  
Be sure to build time into your schedule for your career management, then guard that time at...  Read more
By Paul Carney, SVP, Human Resources, Carter Bank & Trust  
Cloud computing has changed the way that HR collects, reviews, and makes decisions from data....  Read more