Ways To Enhance Employee Wellness

HR Tech Outlook | Thursday, January 10, 2019

Employee wellness is essential not just for the employee but also for the organization. A healthy employee results in higher productivity, less sick leaves, and improved quality.  Companies have now started to understand the importance of employee wellness and are taking measures to improve the same.

Encourage Movement

In the modern day, employees are habitual of sitting for long hours which affects their health with diseases and obesity. An organization needs to encourage movement in the workspace for which they must place resources like stationery, printers, dustbins, and water outlets a bit far from the employee desks. This will require them to take a walk and provide them a break from continuous sitting. Also, such a floor plan would result in cost saving with maintenance as lesser resources would be required; besides employee interaction will also boost without any efforts.

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Greener Workspace

Many workspaces nowadays are completely packed and lack a breath of fresh air. Observations have been made that such workplaces have lesser productive employees; also cases of depressions have been recorded because of the same. Companies need to integrate indoor plants in offices that keep circulating the flow of fresh air and also plants affect the thoughts of humans.   

Incorporate Health Monitoring Devices

Health monitoring devices such as smartwatches and wristbands are currently trending in the industry. These devices make a mental impact on employees to take care of their health. Not all but many will start to work over their health and will become concerned about the same. To bring this in effect, the process must trickle down the hierarchy, as the seniors will act as motivation for the rest.

Awareness Programs

Organizations have now started to invest in employee wellness programs, to make their workers aware of healthy living benefits. Such programs provide information about how tweaking the daily routine would help a person to be healthy. Investments in such programs are much lesser than healthcare funds that organizations have to bear.

Presence of Infirmary

Many firms do not focus over this but having a doctor or an infirmary in the premise can be really handy. At times, employees avoid seeking doctor consultation for smaller issues which later on end up being big. An on-premise doctor would result in immediate care and lessen the chances of disease being chronic.

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