RPA and Chatbots for Efficient On-boarding

HR Tech Outlook | Monday, January 27, 2020

Ascertaining the gap between what business leaders want and the results, HR has to improve HR processes and the technology used to simplify these processes. Managers are motivated to increase productivity, but inefficiencies in human resources often act as roadblocks that prevent progress. With Robotic Process Automation (RPA), human capital in business can be made more efficient. With the implementation of RPA processes, it is expected that all elements linked to HR will increase productivity and a smoother overall organizational workflow. The majority of tasks in the HR department are repetitive by nature. In addition, obstacles and errors often detract from the rationalization of departmental activities. This results in an adverse effect on payroll administration, onboarding employees and on talent management. Some of these tasks are automated by RPA using multiple robots. In this way, companies will have a fully functioning virtual workforce that is more accurate and efficient in handling these tasks.

RPA has considerable potential to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of HR processes. Be it recruitment, on-boarding, induction or payroll, RPA has already made room for itself in the industry. During the implementation of RPA, software bots are created that take over repeated operational activities of HR and improve the accuracy and speed of data processing. RPA can solve traditional data consolidation problems by organizing all new rental information in one location so that none has to share the same information with different teams every time.

According to George Elfond, CEO of Rallyware, because of the increasingly distributed workforce, the widespread adoption of mobile technologies and the changing demographics of employees, corporate training is being reshaped, and data and artificial intelligence are becoming more important.

Chatbots really make on-boarding a self-service process, because they can talk to employees on-site and interact with workforce management software such as PeopleSoft, Kronos, and Workday. Chatbots can act as a mobile HR assistant to get answers to FAQs. Clearly, chatbots and AI will be an integral part of any digital transformation strategy for the company. The organizations can revolutionize the HR experience with the help of HR bots in the coming years.

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