Leveraging artificial intelligence to upgrade HR sector

HR Tech Outlook | Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Employees play a significant role in bringing success to the enterprise. Forming an integral part of an organization HR administration requires becoming smarter and reliable as it helps in getting specialists and talents to work for the company; HR further recognizes and appraises the deserving employees. Advanced AI conceptualizations can change the existing HR models to improved ones. AI drives both immediate and long-term results, and by employing this technology, HR sector is accelerating its performance and accuracy levels. The following are some of the significant ways in which AI serves HR.

• Automatic employee monitoring 

As employees directly contribute to the organization’s success, it is essential for organizations to understand and cater to the needs of the workforce. The role of AI is influential in HR management as this technology has automated software systems for analyzing the performance of the on-boarded talents, ensuring that the quality of work produced by the employees match the standards of the organization, and appreciate the efforts of the staff.   

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• Intelligent and computerized recruitment

Acquisition and selection of talents are no more tedious as AI-based HR bots do it mostly. AI optimizes HR technology by providing new ways which help in searching for the right talent on right platforms, analyzing the applicants’ resume, and carrying out and evaluating the interviews and test performances. AI’s concept of reliable machine helps HR in predicting how useful it is for the company to hire and invest in a particular talent.        

• High-tech staffing and onboarding methods 

Intelligent machine assistants carry out end-to-end procedures which include post recruitment processes such as generating the offer letter, and other formalities. is one of the AI-based tools which automatically answer the staff queries, open official accounts for the new joiners and more.  

Automating many core processes which otherwise involve rigorous human efforts and designing intelligent HR assistants to carry out operations under the supervision of human mind, AI has offered cutting-edge solutions and continues to deliver smarter insights to the field of HR.

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