Digital Transformation Access Granted in Wholesale Distribution by the Trifecta

By HR Tech Outlook | Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Digital Transformation

Without any strategy and employee support, digital transformation is a resource wasted. The process of enabling the workforce to adjust to the changing technology is crucial for the triad of technology, strategy, and people to work.

FREMONT, CA: To achieve a substantial digital transformation in a holistic sense for wholesale distributors will need more than just technology. May it be marketing, IT, or C-suite; employees across the entirety of the enterprise are the ones who will bring digitalization to life. It is the best option to start working on the trifecta that will create a digital mindset in the company—people, strategy, and technology. 

Support People’s Innovative Ways of Thought:

The company’s workforce is the key to bringing life into digitalization; the crucial part is to make employees the advocates for enterprise-wide digital transformation. Although humans are increasingly becoming more conscious of the threats posed by robots taking over jobs, it is vital to showcase to the people that robots make their jobs meaningful. Only repetitive, tedious tasks can be automated through machine learning to allow employees to add their thought and feedback into creating value-added work.

Large-scale company automation is usually a holistic process and results in company-wide digitalization. But the implementation of small-scale automation such as chatbots and virtual assistants are for employees’ benefits. It will provide the leeway for employees to focus on looking at their jobs in an innovative light.

Proactive Thinking can Improve Strategies:

Employees need to embody characteristics that support a digital mindset, including the openness to accept change successfully and creatively. It is a crucial part of implementing the triad of people, strategy, and technology. The challenges to the status quo of a new idea, started by the employees need to be encouraged as the processing of further information are different among different people. Digitalization requires an open mindset that not only re-invents and innovates upon business models rather than just applying them as an extension. The workforce needs to realize that everyone is equally involved from the employees to the management, with the realization of this, calculated risks in favor of digital transformation is finally taken.

Successfully Implement Technology with the People and Strategy:

After employees are on board with the open mindset to embrace digitalization, the strategies which enable prioritization in the future of digital success need to be focused on. In the case of wholesale distributors, customer centricity and empowerment of employees are two essential factors. In other fields, it will be the digital supply chain, new monetization models, and smart technologies that need importance.  

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