Ways HR Digital Transformation Can Support SMB Growth

HR Tech Outlook | Monday, March 18, 2019

The business benefits of HR digital transformation are quite clear. It can upend business operations in ways business organizations never thought before. As is the case for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) as they continue to embrace HR digital transformation to explore new paths toward growth and productivity. For SMBs that are on rising are required to undergo HR digital transformation without massive investments. It is essential for strengthening employee morale and creating a culture of oneness with organizational goals. This digital mindset will help SMBs streamline their HR functions. Below are the critical HR digital transformation trends for SMBs.

The implementation of artificial intelligence and automation across HR tasks of SMBs is one first trend to consider. This will let employees access core data stored in HR applications and compliance modules on any device at a time of their convenience. Utilizing automation SMBs can improve repetitive tasks including training, benefits administration, and onboarding. Digitalization also allows SMBs to focus on the human to human and other complex activities while basic HR queries will be automatically resolved.

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Comprehensive social media networking and connectivity program across verticals including HR is a must for SMBs as they are essential for brands to remain relevant and attract talents. Social media platforms are great places to establish a direct connection between internal and external stakeholders, talking to employees or sourcing the best talent available. It can help enrich organizational reputation, especially employer brand identity and can help meet unique and specific job requirements.

In the modern working environment, there is a need to accommodate boomerang employees, an employee who left the company and seeks re-employment. Analysts suggest that a steadily maturing millennial workforce and a tighter job market is driving this trend. SMBs must be more flexible when re-hiring and must digitize the entire exit process. AI-powered hiring and onboarding methods will help boomerang employees complete their integration with the company.

Maintaining a multi-divisional HR team can be a challenging and expensive proposition for SMBs. This gives way to the rising popularity of outsourcing HR specialists and PEOs will independently manage all HR-functions, from benefits to performance reviews.

Digitalization and connectivity will open up new opportunities in the HR field for SMBs. The increased competitive talent environment justifies SMBs embracing digital HR strategies.

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