How AI is changing the Game for HR?

HR Tech Outlook | Tuesday, August 11, 2020

With the implementation of AI, companies can offer a personalized and hassle-free onboarding experience to new employees, help conduct in-depth employee analysis, and make smart data-driven decisions to drive business growth.

Fremont, CA: Companies are now turning towards automation, and artificial intelligence in human resources is slowly picking up pace. From finding the right talents for the job to retaining or releasing employees, AI can assist throughout the HR process and even solve issues by removing human involvement in the process like biased employee appraisals.

Here are five ways artificial intelligence can transform human resource processes

AI Recruiters

Facilitating the uses of AI in the human resource department can automate and schedule interviews, offer feedbacks to candidates, and provide responses to their queries. AI recruiters can speed up the recruitment process and alleviate the time spent on making potential candidates to new hires.

Cognitive and Data-Driven Decision Making

Top 10 HR Tech Startups - 2019The cognitive engine powering AI-based systems can help make decisions and improve daily tasks like enhancing HR processes with real-time insights, analyzing employee mood, leave requests, and training and development.

Personalized Employee Experiences

The human resource department can utilize AI in their employee onboarding program by automatically sending all the information needed to new candidate’s smartphones like contact information, location, or assignment. It can also instruct them to check out the new employee page with all the necessary information to make their onboarding easier.

Finding the Right Candidates

AI can study large volumes of data and help make decisions based on the data. HR managers can leverage the ability of AI to filter through the resumes and select the right talent that will fit for the job role.

Intelligent Employee Analysis

Companies utilizing employee analytics have an increased competitive benefit over other competitors. It will help attract the best talents, retain them, improve employee experience, decrease employee turnover, and keep the employees engaged.

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