Significant Role of AI in Future of HR

By HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, February 06, 2019

AI in RecruitmentHuman resource (HR) processes are anticipated to transform digital soon with the help of modern technical tools. Although complete digitalization might not be observed, domination of technology is certain. Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is the one that will lead the path for automation in the HR industry. AI tools have already started to find significant grounds in various sectors and hold similar potential for HR.

AI Bots in Smart Recruitment

The recruitment process is one the most mundane, tedious, and time-consuming one for HR professionals. Sieving through multiple resumes and sorting the most relevant ones is a nag which can be easily treated with AI enabled bots. These bots hold the capability to make the recruitment procedure more agile and efficient saving organizations cost and time. AI facilitates bots to respond to various mundane queries of multiple candidates efficiently at the same time. It can also run a quest for most relevant candidates through multiple recruitment platforms and provide HR executives with a filtered result. Post recruitment, bots can be helpful in providing employee engagement services to new talents till the time of onboarding.

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Shift in Job Roles

One of the most anticipated impacts of AI is that it will lead to a loss in jobs. This will not be the real picture, instead, a shift in job roles will be observed. New jobs will make their ways in the industry which will require a special skill set allowing candidates to adapt with AI working modules. A few predictable job roles in the age of AI could be-

•  Chief Ethical and Human Use Officer
•  A.I. Trainer
•  Head of Business Behavior
•  Voice Job Roles Supporting AI tools

Enterprises which have incorporated AI have started to modify the job roles to new ones.

AI Platforms Domination

Apart from recruitment AI chatbots and other platforms will capable to do all kinds of mundane and tedious tasks. Also, it will prove handy in training of employees to adapt to new technically advance workflow. From managing employee performance to scheduling meeting and leaves, all will be shifted to AI platforms resulting in the domination of the technology. HR professionals will get sufficient time to focus on other brainstorming jobs to increase employee engagement and productivity.  

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