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Josh Hoover, SVP Product at Click Boarding, Click BoardingJosh Hoover, SVP Product at Click Boarding
The outbreak of COVID-19 that began in early 2020 sent shockwaves across industries, pushing enterprises to operate remotely. The abrupt need for remote work propelled the digital transformation of various industries, including HR. However, rapid digitalization and a resource shortage left countless companies scrambling to revise their traditional employee onboarding and retention practices. The onboarding dilemma, already a challenge for many firms, became increasingly difficult as they struggled to engage and retain employees.

Tackling this challenge head on is Minneapolis, MN-based onboarding provider, Click Boarding. Their employee experience platform provides modern, compliant HR solutions that impact employee growth and retention. They succeed with workflow orchestrations that deliver guided, prescribed employee outcomes as they transition in, through, and out of an organization.

Click Boarding stays on-trend with continuous process improvement under Chief Executive Officer, Mike Ehrle. The goal for evolving the Click Boarding platform is built on Ehrle’s vision a testament proven in the company’s new promise to employers: Optimal Onboarding. Real-time Retention.

While they’ve perfected new hire onboarding, Click Boarding also expanded into transitions throughout the employee lifecycle. This includes automating key milestones tied to promotions, transfers, one-time training activities, or even retirement, just to name a few. According to Josh Hoover, Click’s new SVP of Product, that’s only the beginning. “We’re committed to improving employee experiences and advancing our solution offerings to support one of the biggest challenges for organizations: employee retention,” Hoover shared.

Click Boarding was founded in 2014 with a mission to create exceptional experiences across the employee journey. While this foundational vision remains strong, the new executive leadership team added focus to deliver key employee insights that ultimately increase retention. Click’s team of HR technology engineers and consultants hold retention top of mind.

“Every interaction—when done well—can positively impact an employee’s engagement, motivation, and ultimately their loyalty to stay,” Hoover said.

Amid elevated expectations and the detrimental impact of turnover, impeccable employee experiences are vital. Hoover keeps a constant pulse on both Click clientele and HR professionals to ensure they’re always listening and innovating to meet evolving market needs. His goal is to ensure relevance today and tomorrow as new challenges arise from virtual working, the great resignation, and employee dynamics.

As a point solution in the onboarding space, Click Boarding boasts over 250 partners and integrations. As such, Click continues to create a better technology ecosystem with its seamless integrations for applicant tracking systems (ATS), background screening, human resource information systems (HRIS), payroll and learning management systems (LMS). The Click platform augments and extends existing HR systems to transfer and create data points that facilitate employee workflows. It is accomplished at scale by orchestrating data, platform, and automation strategies to drive meaningful impact.

Hoover says impact is what happens when data is turned into true insights. As the function of HR advances toward a cost savings department, data analysis is critical. It is why Hoover’s product manager and developer teams maintain a heightened focus on employer data. Hoover plans to further explore the use of graphical data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain technologies to enhance Click’s value in the engagement space.
  • As Click’s new product leader, I’m focused on two key goals. Both objectives are intended to keep a close pulse on the industry and what HR professionals in the market are telling us. These include continuing to innovate and constantly listening to both our customers and the market at large

With engagement and compliance as core competencies, Click Boarding has ignited several success stories since its inception. For instance, they helped a 1,000-employee company transform its antiquated onboarding process by eliminating the need for a 130-page packet and three-hour completion time. Ultimately, the client implemented Click Boarding’s onboarding system, enabling employees to complete the onboarding process in under 20 minutes on their mobile phones.
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Click Boarding

Click Boarding

Minneapolis, MN

Josh Hoover, SVP Product at Click Boarding

Click Boarding creates exceptional experiences and insights across the Employee journey to increase retention.