Effective Ways to Implement Employee Recognition

Hanna Wilson, HR Tech Outlook | Friday, September 04, 2020

One of the ideal ways to instill recognition among employees is to reward them and offer perks on the basis of their performance report.

Fremont, CA: Employee Recognition refers to the acknowledgment of an individual or team for their dedication, efforts, hard work, and accomplishments in the organization.

Employee Recognition is the key to keep employees motivated and engaged in the workplace. Apart from this, it nurtures a very supportive work environment and creates a sense of belongingness in employees. Hence, it becomes imperative for organizations to establish a robust employee recognition program to achieve all of that.

Let us look at some helpful ideas to implement an effective employee recognition program:

Perks and Rewards

Organizations need to understand that employee satisfaction is as important as customer satisfaction. A satisfied employee can lead to a happy customer. One of the ideal ways to instill recognition among employees is to reward them and offer perks on the basis of their performance report. Who does not love a little extra? Traditional employee benefits like salary hike, paid holidays, maternity paternity and adoption leave, and retirement benefits are not considered as rewards anymore. Organizations should look beyond this and try something unique, like gift cards and vouchers on special occasions, festivals, bonuses, and attractive discounts on any purchases.

Top 10 Employee Recognition Consulting/Service Companies - 2019Tailor-Made Rewards and Recognition

When different customers can have different needs, employees are no exception to this. What may work for a person may not motivate the other. Therefore, employers need to discard the “one size fits all” approach for its entire workforce to achieve employee satisfaction. Organizations need to implement tailor-made rewards and benefits that can fulfill their personal requirements. One way to do this is to provide them with a platform where they can have a plethora of benefits to choose from.

Social Recognition

It is not unknown that employee engagement is important to achieve organizational success. Recognizing and rewarding employees for high performance have been proven to have a significant impact on employee engagement. Today, social media recognition is considered to be another effective way in which employees can exhibit their hard-earned appreciation. Millennials and Gen Z employees are digital natives. Hence, recognizing them on social media for their extraordinary performance would boost their morale and motivation. 

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