Ways to Better Employee Engagement

HR Tech Outlook | Tuesday, February 19, 2019

In the modern day, companies are highly focused on improving their customer experience. They leave no stone unturned to achieve the same but one aspect they might not be paying attention to is that employees are the one who ensures quality customer experience. Employee experience has a direct impact on achieving company goals and it is crucial to maintaining its high standards. Internal marketing strategies are becoming important for the same. Various organizations have understood it and implemented as well. Organizations need to focus on the following to develop an internal marketing strategy.

Developing Enthusiasm

Enthusiastic employees are tending to remain engaged for a longer period of time and give their best. Companies must develop an internal marketing strategy to repetitively promote their products. Employees must be aware of the services properly that the company offers as many are apprehensive about the unknown and lose interest from it.  Encouraging employee participation in brainstorming can bring in the enthusiasm required.

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Internal Campaigning

Employees are the face of the company to the customer. They must be well informed with a company’s new products, acquisitions, and issues before they face customer queries.  A well-informed employee has better chances and options for satisfactory customer services.

• Celebrate employees’ happiness to make them feel at home. Keeping them more loyal and engaged in the company and encourages them to put their best in the future.

• Feedbacks and QNAs are helping when it comes to an understanding and solving employee issues that distract them or dissatisfy them. It also makes them feel important for the organization.

• Provide employees with a futuristic vision of their career as each individual targets future growth. Ensuring the same is also equally important.

Corporate Communication

Communication takes time but has a high impact on employee experience. A well established and hesitant free communication channel develops trust within the organization, enabling employees to put forward their thoughts. This channel can be utilized for internal marketing as all are connected to it. Social media pages, blogs, intranet pages, emails, and several other mediums are available that can be a part of the internal marketing strategy. 

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