4 Tips on Talent Management for Managers

HR Tech Outlook | Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Managers need to make room for employees to move within the organization and find a new niche to reinvent their skillsets. It is a great way to retain employees while growing and improving their skills.

Fremont, CA: The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) has changed how many industries work with AI, ML, and RPA. These advanced technologies, along with changes in workforce demographics and skillsets, have made it necessary to understand how to structure an organization and define the work itself.


The digital strategy needs to be integrated into the company’s culture. Digital workspaces need to be the norm from virtual team meetings to document sharing and project management apps.

HR tech, like human capital management (HCM) tools, need to be improved with AI and ML so that they are predictive and competency-centric.

Fulfilling Work Purpose

With more tasks getting automated by 4IR technologies, companies with a clear purpose, strategy, and value proposition will attract the best talents as it ensures that the employees feel fulfilled by their jobs.

Top 10 Talent Management Companies - 2018Power of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) will be an essential workspace tech tool as virtual collaboration and remote working have become common. Managers must tap into their potential to provide real-time interactive, collaborative training.

Some of the critical benefits of VR training are:

• Enhanced engagement – gamification elements can easily be integrated into the lessons

• More robust collaboration – employees in different locations can be in the same virtual space

• Data-led intelligence – VR technology can capture more and more in-depth data for evaluation

Employer Branding

Organizations need to stand out in the marketplace. Managers need to create a reputation for the organization that is consistent with the company culture and employee experience across all departments.

Companies will have to refine and showcase their organizational culture by aligning and actively managing their brand internally and externally to attract and retain the best talent.

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