Will Finding Right Technology Solve the Problem of Sophisticated Recruiting Process?

HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, February 12, 2020

The United States' defense digital service is searching for a suitable technological solution for an objective and automated recruitment process.

FREMONT, CA: In order to increase recruitment and hiring of its SWAT team, the Defense Digital Services (DDS) is looking for a technology solution.

DDS is primarily concerned with the development and automation of the agency's recruiting processes by acquiring a commercial-off-the-shelf, cloud-hosted software. They want to create an experience for candidates that represent the technical dynamic and creative environment in which they work. In fact, the agency aims to provide candidates with a unified experience wherever they are.

DDS is eyeing systems working within the regulatory and legal constraints for federal recruiting. In particular, officials expect the identification of tools that can allow them to minimize their manual workforce and assist them in hiring such issues like adjusting applicant status, scheduling, communications tracking, and coordinating calendars. The aim is to automate a few activities of the human resource team so that they can spend more time focusing on and improvising the experience of their customers.

Besides, the subject matter experts review every essential resume received by DDS, outside of HR, within the department. In this regard, a new technology solution is important for the staff to be updated continuously when the resumes need to be reviewed, and the interviews need to be conducted. The agency also observed that since the entry bar is high, many applicants are unable to reach the final round or secure a place in DDS. However, they will probably remain involved in defense missions regardless of being picked.

DDS provides digital specialists for serving limited tours within the Defense Department to introduce technology-driven solutions. Some of DDS ' initiatives include the revolutionization of digital services for military personnel, operating bug bounties, developing new abilities for countering drones, and enhancing cybersecurity training and other emerging technologies.

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