Machine learning-in improving the recruitment process

HR Tech Outlook | Monday, November 19, 2018

The department of recruitment is advancing by using machine learning techniques. Machine learning in the recruitment process has impacted on both recruiters and candidates. The recruitment processes followed by AI (artificial intelligence) and a machine learning reduce biased recruitment processes.

Following are some of the ways machine learning is helping in the process of recruitment:

The elimination of bias: When it comes to recruiting the best possible candidate for a job, no organization wants judgment out of any bias. There are some applications of AI in recruitment that help to reduce the bias. The applications predict data and predictive analysis of applicant’s likelihood to check whether the candidate suits the role or not.  

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Chatbots: Chatbots are now widely used as AI-powered assistance in the recruitment process. Companies use chatbots as an initial way to engage with visitors on websites. Chatbots help in reducing time in hiring. Also, they help in increasing the number of candidates who complete the application process. Chatbots engage with candidates through the web, mobile applications, and social media. They are able to use natural language processing and handle scheduling of the recruitment process. 

Make faster hires: Organizations use recruitment platforms to find potential employees through a search based system where they narrow down candidates based on skill, experience, and industry. But machine learning technologies’ help recruiters to find candidates more efficiently leaving digging through hundreds of applications manually. The process helps both recruiters and seekers faster hiring.

Video interviews: Facial and speech recognition software are enabled to make video interviews more revealing. For recruiters, meeting up with every candidate and laboriously taking interviews is time-taking. Some advanced companies use facial and speech recognition software to analyze candidates’ body language or stress level. This will free up a lot of time for the recruiters.

Right candidates to the right places: Its time consuming to check every candidate’s resume for a suitable post. Machine learning algorithms access the data from the database and suggest jobs to the suitable candidate without taking many times. This process is able to provide more efficiency by reducing lower quality applications and finding the right one.

Today, machine learning is emerging as a strategy to help employers to recruit with more productivity. Successful talent obtainment is one of the demanding tasks which need the ability to evaluate the skills and experiences of the candidates. Recruitment processes, driven by AI and machine learning increase capacity and saving employers’ and seekers’ time.  

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