Transforming Employee Onboarding Experience through VR

HR Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

Virtual reality (VR) is making inroads into the enterprises, spurring a revolution in the way they function. For instance, human resource teams across organizations are figuring out multiple ways the VR technology can transform employee onboarding processes. Companies including behemoths such as Walmart and SAP have been working to bring in VR technology to enhance the onboarding experience of employees while improving team collaboration. With the emergence of VR in the corporate arena, employees can hear their leadership executives addressing them from headquarters located in another location/country. Additionally, they can virtually connect with their HR managers sitting in another corner rather than walking to their desk. This will not only build confidence in the workforce but will help them visualize their career forward.

Educating through Interactive Gamification

Enterprises have been using gamification techniques for a while now to retain new hires right from the time they are inducted into the organization. With the advent of VR technology, organizations have taken the game a notch up to create highly engaging and personalized experiences. Binding gamification with VR technology, organizations can create a more interactive environment, giving HR managers an opportunity to explore creative and innovative ways to retain employees.

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By Robert Ruocco, VP & CTO, BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York

Practical Training and Team Collaboration

Jobs that require dealing with expensive tools or machinery involves many complexities especially when it comes to training fresh talent. For example, aerospace manufacturing companies can simulate modules and teach through VR devices, virtually introducing employees to people and educating about their various processes. This will not only enrich their understanding but will help the organization avoid accidents when employees are on floor.

Whether enterprises want to improve onboarding processes or change the training approach, adapting to VR technology can be a smart way to address onboarding issues. While VR is an emerging technology and some people may not have experienced it, playing lengthy videos about products or company policy or any module for the first time could be disorienting to new hires. It is recommended to the HR team to regularly take employee feedback and that helps the management to know about employee experiences in the organization. 

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