Successful Onboarding Program for Employee Retention

By HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, December 05, 2018

onboarding in Employee engagementToday, the recruitment process has changed and created changes in employee engagement. Employee engagement in onboarding is very important to retain the employees and keep them enthusiastic. If the employees work progress is high, there will be a great profit in the businesses. The companies must be able to satisfy the needs of the future generation with the adoption of changes in employee engagement. Onboarding programs can last up to one year for a new employee.

New employees are always excited to get started and quickly intend to show their value and don’t want to be distracted by administrative tasks. All these tasks simplification must be planned earlier by the organization. The demonstration of the workflow must be given to the new employees by guiding them where they need to invest their time and focus. They get clear, personalized information through new announcements about the work. The company should ensure that the employees are aligned with the culture, mission, and values of an organization from day one.

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Assigning a mentor for new employees is a necessary task for the management. Mentors are beneficial to help the new employees to understand the organization’s culture and standards quickly, and act according to the nature of the job. A mentor can help an employee become more conventional and active in his current role.

The transition from a candidate to an employee can be made easier if the company has planned the complete employee engagement process earlier. The company must start the engagement process after the employee receives the offer letter. Also, the company must conduct interactive onboarding activities that encourage feedback and make them comfortable with their team members.

The manager-employee relationship plays an important role in the growth of the company. The employees must be informed about never having to wait to reach out to their manager in regards to new ideas. The consistent feedback to the employees by the mentors can also enhance the skills of the employees. A proper onboarding program may lead to creating a successful employee experience. Organizations that provide a structured onboarding process with mentoring support avoid losing their greatest assets.

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