Six Use Cases of AI in Recruitment

HR Tech Outlook | Thursday, December 03, 2020

AI's overwhelming acceptance can be attributed to its many advantages, making recruiting simpler, more precise, and effective.

Fremont, CA: Artificial intelligence refers to the simulation of human intelligence by programmed computers and is a branch of computer science. AI has the potential to take vast quantities of information that cannot be interpreted by a human being and turn it into actionable information. Compared to conventional approaches, AI helps recruiters and hiring managers to analyze and interview applicants with far more ease.

Here are six use cases of AI in recruitment:

Candidate Screening

If they deal with thousands or even hundreds of them per job, it's easy for recruiters to lose out on potential candidates. Such applicants may be in the pool, but it is difficult to locate every single strong prospect due to the sheer number. By thoroughly screening the candidate pool and thus scoring on their future fit, AI supports talent acquisition teams. The latter saves countless screening hours for recruiters while having more time to concentrate on top talent. By submitting chats, emails, evaluations, and next steps automatically, AI can also help improve candidate participation.

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Posting Jobs

AI has helped employers to run more targeted advertisements that produce better outcomes. Today, programmatic advertising is used to show targeted advertisements to the correct audience of candidates. Highly targeted advertising is made possible through the professional interests of the prospect, cookies, and demographics. For example, cookies show the type of work prospective applicants were most interested in while visiting career and job posting sites.

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Hiring Remote Workers

For over a decade, the adoption of remote labor has boomed. For example, in the US, over 4 million individuals work remotely. Companies may use AI resources to determine an applicant's ability, attitude, and integrity while operating a completely remote hiring process.

Diversity Hiring

By removing simple prejudice variables that a person will almost always subconsciously maintain, AI recruitment solutions lead to diverse hiring. When evaluating profiles, AI can be programmed to disregard gender, age, and race and screen candidates equally. It is well established that building a diverse workforce offers many advantages for companies, ranging from increased creativity and innovation to efficiency and retention of employees.

Data Collection

Chatbots and assistants for AI hiring provide a smooth and successful way to collect candidate data. It is possible to gather essential application information and screening questions via chatbot and share them with recruiters instantly and save them to the work application. The long process of sending emails and calling or texting will save talent acquisition teams from automating the process of basic screening questions. Both of which can have a positive influence on the experience of the applicant.


Some administrative activities may be carried out repeatedly in the offering and onboarding process of the employee lifecycle, and as such, HR bandwidth and resources may be needed. AI will assist in automating mundane activities such as generating offer letter templates, handling background checks, arranging records of workers, and providing onboard paperwork.

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