3 AI Tools That Simplify Recruitment Process

HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Artificial Intelligence is ubiquitous and the recruitment is no exception. A few AI tools have highly simplified the recruitment process.

Fremont, CA:  In the current HR landscape, there are numerous AI-based recruitment solutions for recruiters. Natural language understanding (NLU), natural language processing (NLP), AI for video interviews, and cognitive chatbots are some of the tools; however, for new recruiters, the world of AI recruitment can be overwhelming to understand. On top of those worries, tech giants and retailers have failed in developing an effective AI solution for recruitment. For instance, Amazon’s AI recruitment algorithm became gender biased toward women and started showing preferences for male candidates. With such failures, recruiters are sceptical of introducing such AI solutions. However, there are AI recruitment solutions that amplify HR functions. Here are some of the most popular AI solutions for recruitment work.

Finding and Matching Candidates

With an array of tools, AI is helping recruiters source and find candidates effortlessly. With these tools, recruiters can automate sourcing and widen their candidate pool. With the automation tools, it is easier for the employer to maintain contact with the candidates by sending messages throughout the process. The powerful sourcing and matching AI tools do not forget about the rejected candidates and try to place them in a different position. The tool screens the existing candidates that could be a good fit for a new role.  

Analyzing Facial Expressions

With globalization, hiring a diverse workforce is extremely popular in recent years. When recruiters conduct video interviews, the new AI technology can analyze a candidate’s facial expressions during the interview and use the results to evaluate their personality traits. In some cases, knowing that their

facial expressions are analyzed can make the candidates self-conscious or create self-doubt and can negatively affect their scores. Therefore, recruiters must know how to use these AI recruitment solutions at the right time and the right place.


For companies with high-volume recruitment needs, cognitive and rule-based chatbots are helping HRs screen and schedule candidate interviews. Cognitive chatbots comprise of natural language understanding and machine learning capabilities to understand the natural human dialogue. Meanwhile, rule-based chatbots allow their operators to implement specific rules of the industry but being flexible at the same time to change those rules. Cognitive chatbots with cognitive technologies accomplish complicated tasks such as planning, learning, and reasoning. On the other hand, rule-based chatbots are designed to complete tasks such as automating workflows and scheduling interviews.

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