Orion Novotus Partners with Saba Software to Boost Its RPO Strategy

HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Orion Novotus, a Mid-market RPO provider, gets backbone for talent acquisition solution from Saba's TalentLink to give a transformative recruitment outsourcing for clients 

FREMONT, CA: Saba Software, a personalized talent experience solution provider, is all set to power Orion Novotus with its Saba TalentLink. Orion Novotus is a mid-market leader in the recruitment process outsourcing. The company will leverage the abilities of Saba TalentLink to back its expanding range of services. With Saba's talent acquisition capabilities as the backbone technology, Orion Novotus will enable complex, custom recruitment processes and use the technology for its own recruiting necessities. 

The Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) industry is transforming at a fast pace, especially with providers who are competing against each other to support a blend of services in the entire hiring process management, project-based initiatives, talent pool services, and employer branding. As an RPO provider with challenging growth plans, Orion Novotus identified the necessity for a complete talent solution that could grow the company's competitiveness in the outsourcing arena.

Top Talent Management software Companies"We're committed to helping our clients overcome their greatest recruitment challenges, address skills shortages, and meet unexpected demand – and to do that well, we need a recruiting solution that is quick to deploy and flexible enough to support any type of hiring strategy or process for our clients," said Cory Kruse, President at Orion Novotus. "We're impressed with the flexibility and multi-tenancy capabilities that TalentLink has to offer, and we believe Saba' RPO team, with its extensive expertise, will prove to be a strong partner to us."

Saba TalentLink for RPOs was designed originally for outsourcing and managed service models. It is one of the flagship offerings after the addition of Lumesse, to Saba's talent portfolio. The solution already exists and is used by RPO organizations that include and mid-sized project outsourcing vendors to deliver recruiting services efficiently and cost-effectively to their clients.

Andrew Brown, Global Head of RPO and Alliances at Saba said, "We're delighted to partner with Orion Novotus to support them in enabling their clients to revolutionize hiring and drive efficiencies, and we look forward to building a strategic relationship to help guide their ambitious goals for the future."

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