Recruitment Outsourcing Decoded!

HR Tech Outlook | Friday, January 17, 2020

The vital features that a recruitment process outsourcing solution should have for delivering an efficient recruitment drive are listed below.

FREMONT, CA: The following five characteristics are often seen and depicted as the key indicators that an organization needs to consider before selecting a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solution.

• Provides Turnkey Recruitment Solutions and Technology, Cutting Short the Traditional Process:

On the verge of making "more for less" work, HR departments feel squeezed as they are focusing on day to day business operations while simultaneously managing a proactive resourcing strategy. To help the HR professionals, the enterprise can move to an RPO model where all or a part of the recruitment process is outsourced, freeing up the team to focus more on HR strategies. 

An RPO partnership is the perfect extension to your business as it brings together all the stakeholders and drives collaboration among candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers. It provides dedicated, agile resources and the latest of the hiring technology to the organization.

• Ensures High Quality and Retention Rate: 

The quality of the candidates will be compromised if the hiring process is quick and all too often, especially in a competitive market. Sourcing and onboarding quality talent is synonymous to the company's Employer Value Proposition (EVP), which is central to an RPO model. But, with an RPO partnership, a positive impact on the quality of the hire and retention rate is recognized. RPO's system strives to attract both passive and active candidates, through rigorous screening and customized selection process. 

• Provides Crisp Recruitment Processes:

Quick actions to fulfill business demands make sure that the enterprises stay ahead of the game in a market where time is money. The organizations have to spend higher cost and loose points in terms of employer brand and productivity if the vacancy is open for a long time. The company's recruitment process should ensure that the business is a magnet for prospective talent, and free from poor recruitment system attributes. RPO streamlines the process of recruitment with an efficient technology that reduces cost, enhances efficiency, and simplifies administration. Whether it is a full RPO model or just a single project, RPO can deliver massive time and financial savings. 

• Provides Access to the Latest Recruitment Technology and Solutions: 

Recruitment technologies are becoming sophisticated and cost-prohibitive for organizations that do not host large scale recruitment campaigns. Usually, the recruitment budget depletes in the first half of the process as the costs are incremental with time. By partnering with an RPO, A company can get access to the latest technologies that guarantees to attract, engage, and onboard the best talent available. With great attraction, detailed reporting, and analytics capability, an RPO solution imparts real-time insights into all the recruitment processes. It builds a bespoke solution, paying for those options that are necessary so that recruitment costs are significantly reduced. 

• Provides Only the Best Candidate Attraction and Engagement: 

From the beginning of the recruitment process, an RPO will focus on researching, identifying, and understanding the critical elements of the company's EVP. The RPO will fully commit to ensure engagement among current employees, evaluate the talent pool, and redefine the candidate hiring strategy in collaboration with the company itself. It helps to build the organization's EVP with the RPO ensuring to attract only the best people and also retain them as employees. The RPO provider will also make sure that the enterprise's core ideals are established in the market with consistency. With high levels of candidate interest and engagement in place, the RPO ensures the best recruitment experience, all while enhancing the employer brand over a much-diversified wavelength. 

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