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HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Neeyamo is one of the most prominent providers of platform-compliant HRO services to multinationals with operations across a long-distance range of countries, with over 1500 professionals working in global payroll and background verification services across more than 190 countries. Neeyamo has also partnered with leading HR cloud solutions to ensure that its clients receive maximum value. Its service lines cover the whole life cycle of employees prior to retirement.

Neeyamo is committed to addressing the white spaces in the HR technology and service landscape of long-duty multinationals. A catastrophic combination of low-employee headcount and fragmented techniques are scattered across countries. NeeyamoWorks will strongly complement Neeyamo’s services in addressing the payroll and HR needs of multinational organizations with its portfolio of next-generation technology products.

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As the leading provider of best-in-class HRO solutions, Neeyamo is located in more than 190 countries. They represent a 100 percent employees’ organization with opportunities for ownership of its employees to ensure that their employees remain in line with the organization’s vision and thus contribute to its growth without interference from foreign public markets or risk partners who sometimes demand growth at the expense of quality of service. The company sees its employees as a family from hosting corporate companies to ensuring genuine sex-neutral employment and from the execution of equal pay and promotional practices to providing flexible working hours to help improve their work/durability.

Recently, Neeyamo announced the launch of the technology and innovation wing of NeeyamoWorks and the appointment of its Chief Exercise Officer as Yegnaswamy Yegnanarayanan (YY). “Having come from the gaming industry and with experience in working with cutting-edge technologies, I strongly believe he will sharpen and execute Neeyamo's strategic vision by future-proofing our global HR technology solutions,” says Ashok Bildikar, Chairman of the Board.

YY previously worked with HCL where he headed the Gaming & Entertainment business. Before HCL, he was responsible for managing the gaming and hospitality vertical for Infosys. He has more than two decades of worldwide IT industry experience with a strong record of building transformative enterprises. For various major media, entertainment and hospitality chains around the world, he helped define their digital journeys. YY will work with Neeyamo and focus more on the HR area for the implementation of HR technological applications. As many modern companies undergo this market transformation, this move by YY will be an excellent achievement for Neeyamo in the present scenario.

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