CoreHR and Mercer Collaborates to Provide Innovative HR Technologies

By HR Tech Outlook | Friday, January 04, 2019

David Scully, Product Innovation Manager

The proliferation of social media, mobile, and analytics in HR business processes have urged HR managers to employ robust talent management strategies, driving employee engagement, retention, and performance. Organizations are looking for intuitive Talent management solutions that meet their needs and help administrators track and manage the complete employee lifecycle. According to David Scully, Product Innovation Manager, CoreHR “Talent management platforms enable HR professionals to identify and retain the best employees, keep them motivated, and take the company forward.”

CoreHR, an Ireland based company, which provides cloud-based HR and payroll solutions, has been featured in our magazine HR Tech Outlook as one of the “Top 10 Talent Management Solutions Providers in 2016.” Recently, CoreHR has entered into a partnership with Mercer, a global consulting firm, which helps the enterprises to meet the health, wealth, and career needs of a changing workforce. This partnership will help the enterprises to garner more value from their HR investment through some innovative and effective programmes, processes, and service delivery models.

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Commenting on the partnership, John Mercer, Career and Health leader at Mercer opined that the workforce is changing rapidly in organizations, and the companies are looking for solutions to achieve success through a combination of software, employee experience, and talent strategy. He also emphasized on maximizing the full value and return on investment in HR technology. Mercer further added that global HR consulting and transformation expertise of Mercer could help CoreHR provide true benefits to its clients.

"Talent management platforms enable HR professionals to identify and retain the best employees, keep them motivated, and take the company forward." 

Being a provider of fully integrated talent management system, CoreHR delivers its hire-to-retire software solution for various public and private sector companies. Enterprises can start leveraging its capabilities straightaway due to rapid deployments CoreHR offers through complimentary solutions like data migration software and reconciliation tools. However, according to Mercer unlocking the full potential of CoreHR requires much more than competent deployment. Enterprises need partners to empower their human resource.

The partnership will allow CoreHR and Mercer to help its clients attain broader business objectives by implementing HR technologies that are aligned with a people strategy. CoreHR provides innovative new features to its clients so that they could engage with their workforce effectively. Dean Forbes, CEO at CoreHR said,” Our solutions are designed to help unleash people power across organizations, but technology cannot drive change by itself. Organizations also need the right people strategies to ensure the new technology is welcomed by employees and provides value for management. This is why we are thrilled to partner with Mercer to help our customers take a more holistic approach to implementing our technologies.”

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