Increasing Employee Retention Through Enhanced Onboarding

By HR Tech Outlook | Thursday, January 03, 2019

Hiring new talent is a tough task to complete but retaining them is tougher. Companies from all over the world face the problem of employees rescinding their job quite early. Effective onboarding is a solution to increase retention and needs to be improved with time.

Employee Engagement is Necessary 

Organizations at times make the mistake of not contacting the newly hired talents till their joining date which gives them a window to accept new offers. Some of the processes must be kept on in between the period signing contract and joining and also their queries must be addressed which keeps the new joiners busy and even at the joining day a warm welcome must be given so that they do not regret their decision and accept their working environment easily.

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Collaboration is Necessary

Leaving a newly joined alone in the workplace creates a negative impression instead they must collaborate with an older employee who could make them familiar with the environment and help them to integrate into the culture more quickly. This practice motivates the new ones to give their 100 percent and result in productivity.

Orientation and Onboarding are Different

Organizations need to understand that introducing employees to their work environment, workflow, and providing them basic training on how to operate is not onboarding, it is orientation. All these activities are sufficient to give the newly joined a start but not enough to keep them onboard for long. On average onboarding, it takes around eight months for an employee to reach his/her maximum productivity but companies finish their onboarding in nearly three months only which result in lack of efforts from employee end. It has been observed that organizations with longer onboarding time have a better retention rate.

Understand the Employee

With understanding, it means that the direct managers or key personnel of the companies must lay the path for their employee’s future within the organization during the one-to-one interaction depending on what they look forward to. Once an employee has a vision of his/her future in the organization he/she is most likely to stay for a longer period of time. Managers must make them comfortable not just at the time of hiring interaction but also later during the work and create a stress-free environment that helps the new joiners to adapt.

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