HR Welcomes the Revolutionary Chatbot Era!

HR Tech Outlook | Monday, June 10, 2019

Chatbot EraFREMONT, CA: The way people work and communicate is changing rapidly with the increasing pace of digitizing systems and processes. It has resulted in the optimization of operations in almost every domain. One such technology tool that has shown immense potential and is pegged to revolutionize the way businesses communicate with customers and employees are chatbots. Chatbot caters to a variety of functions like sales, marketing, customer service, and HR.

From helping applicants apply for open vacancies to automating interviews and engaging with new hires before their official onboarding, HR chatbots fill a crucial void. They ensure that the initial impression of an organization on potential employees is favorable, and their experience is seamless and enjoyable. Since a vast number of onboarding processes consists of repetitive tasks like filling and submitting forms, getting identification cards, enrolling for benefits, and many other, HR chatbots can answer redundant questions and inquiries. This allows HR professionals to focus on providing new employees with a seamless onboarding experience.

Two-way communication is a fundamental concept of HR chatbot. It not only provides answers but also asks questions related to employee experience, their job expectations, and their progress. It helps in understanding the issues that employees encounter, measuring the employee happiness score, gauging engagement levels, and identifying any potential people challenges.

Performance evaluation and management are grounded on pre-defined parameters, and HR chatbots can harness the data from Performance Management Systems to automate performance evaluation and combine it with the rewards and recognition program. If an employee accomplishes his or her target within the set timeline, the HR chatbot can confirm it with the manager, send out a congratulatory message, name that person for the performance bonus and update it in the management system module.

As workforce demographics continue to become more distributed enterprises must embrace AI chatbots to streamline their HR processes. It can make the Human Resource department more approachable and hence contribute to satisfying the employees.

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