HR Tech Startups are Recruiting Top Talent using AI

HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The incorporation of AI technology has enabled organizations to significantly enhance their recruitment processes and hire better talent.

FREMONT, CA: The acquisition of top talent is one of the most significant challenges facing HR managers in the organizational landscape. A growing number of enterprises are increasing their investments in hiring. However, most of them fail to find the best talent for the relevant job roles. Many are turning their gaze toward artificial intelligence (AI) based technologies to enhance their recruitment process.

The deficiency in this sector has led to the inception of HR tech startups set to resolve the pain areas of the HR department, including candidate identification, engagement, and onboarding. Organizations adopting disruptive technologies are witnessing a significant improvement in their operations.

The adoption of AI for recruiting technical talent has enabled organizations to go beyond their conventional hiring approaches and find talent quickly and seamlessly. Often, resumes do not offer a comprehensive overview of the technical capabilities of the candidate in the fields of coding, cloud computing, and so on. The incorporation of AI technology will enable HR personnel to shortlist candidates based on their relevant projects.

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The emergence of robust AI-based screening tools is enabling organizations to move beyond CVs, promoting a more data-driven approach for hiring. HR tech startups are leveraging the expertise of machine learning (ML) professionals, psychologists, and assessment experts to develop robust algorithms and models to power the recruitment platforms. It has enabled organizations to streamline their hiring processes significantly.

Organizations are leveraging AI for recruitment marketing, utilizing the robust capabilities to enhance the accessibility of candidates to the job boards. AI systems can automatically deploy job postings across Google, eliminating the need for coding expertise and technical knowledge. Also, the offerings can be availed at a reasonable price.

The emergence of intelligent assistants for HR managers has enabled organizations to enhance their recruitment process and discover passive talent. The digital assistants leverage AI and ML to source, identify and engage the best candidates for the job. The AI capabilities allow the systems to identify talents in passive candidates, which the recruiters often to do.

AI and ML have empowered and facilitated the automation of HR processes, connecting job seekers, job sites, and employers. Organizations can leverage the systems to analyze career paths, previous experiences, skill levels, and employee engagement, providing seamless access to the most qualified candidates.

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