How AI can Influence the Recruitment Process?

HR Tech Outlook | Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The recruitment process is evolving with artificial intelligence, making the process easy and more efficient.

FREMONT, CA: The recruitment process today is like finding a needle in a haystack. Economic changes, demand in a particular sector, an overabundance of graduates with a specific qualification of all these things and more can lead to some jobs. Over hundreds or even thousands of applicants are rushing for a single position when it grows up.

How do recruiters manage with so many people competing for a lower number of employment opportunities? This is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a role in making the recruitment process hassle-free and without errors.

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The Utilization of AI in the Recruitment Process:

AI in recruitment is an emerging HR technology intended to decrease or even remove time-consuming operations such as manual screening of resumes.

It is now quite prevalent to use AI-powered Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to scan hundreds of CVs and search for keywords or sentences. As such, AI technology provides recruiters with an excellent manner to rapidly and effectively thin the herd. However, using AI to scan through CVs quickly often leads to criticism from work seekers. They claim that the technology lowers a person's CV to a simple ‘yes or no' based solely on a keyword search while that choice should be found on the quality of their experience and characteristics of the character.

However, the issue is that the recruiters ' option is to read and assess each CV individually. This may take weeks or even months in the previous instance of a workplace with thousands of candidates. All this while the candidates are looking forward to hearing back. Screening resumes effectively, and the most significant challenge in talent acquisition continues time-effectively: 52 percent of talent acquisition leaders claim the hardest aspect of recruitment identifies the correct candidates from a big pool of applicants.

The Impact of AI on Recruitment:

AI Saves Time: Most recruiters are very busy these days. The more tedious and time-consuming tasks that can be automated, the better in that respect. For instance, using an AI-driven chatbot can remove heaps of these worldly duties. For example, think of answering applicant questions, scheduling interviews, and screening candidates. Things that are essential and need to be achieved, but can also be automated readily.

It Removes Bias: The last thing we want is to not bias our judgment in finding the ideal candidate for the job. Fortunately, in recruitment, some interesting AI apps can assist in decreasing bias. There are instruments for recruiters to write a bias-free work advertisement. AI-powered pre-selection software utilizes predictive analytics to calculate the probability of a candidate being successful in a position. This enables recruiters and recruiting managers to make data-driven recruiting choices instead of choices based on their internal sensation.

AI can Find Suitable Candidates: AI-powered software can evaluate the internet existence of people like their profiles on social media and public data. Based on this information, technology can create predictions. It can also access candidate profiles that have already begun a task in the business. The software can recognize applicants with comparable characteristics and abilities by combining all accessible data. It can decipher which applicants might be interested in certain positions and target appropriate work advertisements directly to them.

It Improves the Candidate Experience: AI-infused chatbot can help in the recruitment process. It never takes a day off, which implies it is always prepared to answer questions from the candidate, even at midnight or on any Sunday. As such, it can more effectively direct the applicant through the recruitment process; immediate responses when they need them.

AI's Effect on Recruitment: Potential Hazards

Technology can use AI, for example, during a video interview to detect certain subtleties in applicant conduct. But who is to say that the body language of an applicant is not just because he or she is nervous rather than cheating them? It is still impossible to replace human characteristics such as empathy and contextual comprehension with software.

An AI-driven recruitment tool could recognize a candidate based on a keyword search as having all the needed knowledge. But it may forget the fact that four times in one year the same candidate has changed employment.

The recruitment sector is evolving with artificial intelligence. A vast number of AI-driven apps are already out there, and their number is probable to go up, which will be beneficial in recruiting new talent and making the workforce better. This will allow in developing an automated recruitment process that will ultimately enhance the hiring quality, applicant experience and, perhaps most importantly, the recruiters ' everyday working lives.

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