How Virtual Interviews are Enhancing the Recruitment Processes

HR Tech Outlook | Monday, November 18, 2019

Virtual interviews are transforming onboarding and optimizing every part of the recruitment process. 

FREMONT, CA: An on-demand hospitality staffing company that specializes in event staffing, customer service, boutiques, retail, hotel, conference, catering, warehouse staffing, and more. A software from Aloha Hospitality Professionals enhances modern-day recruitment, online interview, and onboarding process to attract top industry talent. Through an integrated applicant tracking system, the applicant is evaluated through a one-on-one digital on-board interview session. It's all linked seamlessly while providing an easy approach for candidates to join the AHP team.

Every hospitality professional is on board as a W2 employee once an applicant is recruited, not just gig-workers who distinguish AHP and are ahead of legislative changes. The versatility of gig employment is given to AHP applicants, with the benefits of being a W2 wage earner. Aloha Hospitality Professionals are super-focused on going forward to synthesize gig work's high-tech features with the high-touch, human side of hospitality service. The organization is onboarding thousands of applicants daily, engaging with each one through an interview in real-time, ensuring that they have the mindset to care for people with outstanding hospitality and customer service

Aloha Hospitality Professionals’ staffs are first and last customer contact. It is a key connection where a nurturing relationship is a vital ingredient for a perfect activity to be conducted. Aloha Hospitality Professionals team brings together professionals from marketing, brand ambassadors, and registration assistants to bartenders, waiters, and set-up/strike teams to convention and conference support in every step of event staffing and guest-facing services.

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