Best Practices for Director Onboarding Process

By HR Tech Outlook | Monday, January 07, 2019

A director onboarding process should complement a company's existing corporate compliance processes and provide clarity about the level of commitment for the benefit of both the company and the director. The process includes:

• An onboarding educational process

• Customization based on unique skills and attributes

• Opportunities for knowledge sharing between directors and executives

• Monitoring new directors fit and performance

• Soliciting feedbacks on onboarding process

When designing a cohesive onboarding program or process, HR professionals need to ensure that all new hires have an optimal onboarding experience. Three keys to successful onboarding areas below.

Ensuring a structured plan to deliver information new directors need to absorb. The plan should include an orientation program, face to face meeting with key executives and required the reading of important documents such as board meeting minutes. 

A board portal is a repository for initial education and secure method for knowledge exchange. This portal becomes a learning center for new directors to access articles, strategy slide decks, updated analyst reports, links to subscriptions, alerts and daily news clips. It helps to find out the director's individual interests and expertise.

 Board portal also allows confidential communication with directors about their contributions to the board. Also, directors can provide feedback and suggest improvement on the onboarding process identify areas where additional education through the portal is needed.

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