How Cutting-edge Technologies Influence Employer Branding

HR Tech Outlook | Thursday, October 08, 2020

For a company to have a strong employer brand, it needs to understand how technologies impact their branding and how it helps in strengthening it. Additionally, the HR department needs to collaborate with the hiring team to deliver excellent talent brand, internally and externally.

Fremont, CA: The increasing development in innovative technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), social media, and other factors have helped in molding the way companies are viewed as both online and offline.

Here are three factors that impact employer branding.

Social Media

Social media provides real-time updates between a company and prospective candidates. It is an affordable tool that brands can utilize to track the performance of their employer branding efforts.

An effective social media campaign focus on their demographic, accommodating to the needs and opinions from their viewpoint. Analytical tools on these social media platforms can track users’ personal data, preferences, behaviors, and online footprints. These data can be interpreted by brands to advance the company’s capability to attract the best talent.

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AI is useful for companies wanting to establish their brand. It can be used for analytics to gain crucial insights into recruiting data and simplify recruitment tasks. AI can also shortlist the talent pool to find the best talent.

AI-powered chatbots use machine learning algorithms to boost employer brand. It helps in improving customer service and communication with possible candidates before their application. Companies can then optimize their time by m=being more involved with candidates who are in the recruitment process.


The merging of old, new, and developing disruptions has created new opportunities to pursue sustainability without compromising the business’s bottom line. This provides the scope for increased internal engagement and outward branding.

Sustainability augments the recruitment process and attracts candidates who care about environmental issues. Companies have redesigned their recruiting strategies to adapt to these changes, propelled by authenticity and creativity. Sustainability and social responsibility have become inseparable from organizations’ fundamental strategies.

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