Winning the Race of Talent Hunt with Artificial Intelligence

HR Tech Outlook | Thursday, June 27, 2019

Companies across industries have increased their focus on candidate engagement, and the talent teams now have several tools at their disposal to assist. Artificial Intelligence has a great potential to make talent teams more productive while improving the overall hiring experience for the candidate.

FREMONT, CA: The human touch is all important in the recruitment process, and new artificial intelligence powered technology is unbeatable in assisting firms in optimizing their recruitment efforts. While AI has been credited with near-human behavior, it can also reveal critical insights about human relationships. AI and automation in recruitment have the potential to strengthen the recruiter-candidate relationship. Below are ways in which AI can help recruiters with its unparalleled abilities.

• Automation of Redundant Tasks

Studies show that repetitive tasks consume about 20 to 60 percent of a recruiter’s time. The job comprises screening, interview scheduling, conference room booking, and other logistical activities. These are indeed important, but they do not require to be consuming a massive amount of recruiter’’ s time when AI driven machines can do these jobs effortlessly. This frees up the recruiters to work on uniquely human aspects of candidate engagement such as explaining the role, meeting for coffee, and finding the best candidates to the slot.

• Accuracy and Consistency

To err is human because in recruiting, there can be situations of rescheduling and multi-day interviews which are often complicated. Sometimes candidates or interviewers may show up to the wrong place at the wrong time. When recruiters use AI for the scheduling-driven activities, it ensures accuracy and consistency along with significantly reduced human error. By doing this, recruiters are removing the potential emotions of frustration and annoyance during the hiring process, which ultimately benefits the recruiter-candidate relationship.

• Communication

Recruiters can automate early-stage communication and introduce chatbot and similar devices to respond to frequently asked questions from candidates. For decades one of the complaints from candidates is always about the poor or utterly non-existent communication, for AI is an intelligent solution. Also, if a firm is automating a lot of the scheduling tasks, it gives recruiters more time to communicate the progress with different candidates.

As AI-aided recruitment continues to grow, it translates to the recruiting team’s best asset in hand. The most progressive firms combine the strengths of people and technology that is human-AI collaboration. It promises significant ROI by empowering teams to do more and support organizations in achieving more exceptional results.

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