Gamification in Enhancing Talent Management

HR Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

Gamification is constantly being used in building customer loyalty as well as gaining insights into their behaviour. Its application also helps companies with talent management, especially in attracting, engaging, motivating and retaining employees. By employing gameplays of traditional games to non-gaming environments, an engaging experience is created that makes employees feel recognized and rewarded for their achievements.

While gamification might appear to be the easiest way to enhance sales and customer support options of the company, it can be effectively utilized in talent management and other mundane, routine tasks. Gamification can be used for the following:

Hiring New Recruits: Using gamification while hiring improves the experience of the prospective recruits. It not only rewards candidates for their achievements but also provides an insight into the company’s culture and values. At the same time it enables recruiters to sift through the talent pool to attract the most suitable recruits for the company.

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Promoting Company Culture and Retaining Employees: A high-performing team— knowledgeable, aligned to corporate culture and loyal to the company—is vital to meet business goals. The use of gamification encourages a positive corporate culture that rewards its employees for cross-functional collaboration, innovation in product or process development, and taking initiatives beyond their scope of work. Gamification platforms help in tracking employee activity while publicizing opportunities to enhance their growth prospects.

Training Aids: For most employees, mandatory training including compliance & ethics, harassment, diversity, and workplace safety, are unrelated to their core duties. Gamification can ensure the deliverance of these values to employees by making online training an entertaining experience.

Gamification creates a fun and interactive experience for employees, increasing their desire to learn and better themselves, and climb the corporate ladder.

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