Enabling Smooth Employee Onboarding

Hanna Wilson, HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, March 20, 2019

For any organization, the proper maintenance of the human workforce holds immense importance to facilitate the journey. The employee hiring process is often complicated, time-taking, and expensive, and obviously, in this competitive talent market, it has become important to socialize employees with the culture and motto of the organization. At this very point, employee onboarding enters the show offering companies the chance to provide the employees with better experience and to improve retention of new employees. Without proper onboarding, employees often tend to search for new opportunities within one or two years, and this is extremely harmful to the growth of a company.

While conducting onboarding program employers need to focus more on the nature of the process. For example, monotonous and complex administrative process of onboarding often makes employees uninterested and isolated, but a genuinely effective onboarding program with perfect plans escalates the productivity of employees making them more interested in the company.

Human connection plays a pivotal role in a successful onboarding process, as a strong connection with seniors and leaders casts an indelible impression upon the performance of a new employee, providing them with required psychological support. So, to properly integrate the new employees within the working environment, employers have to build a strong personal connection with them and have to create an open environment for employees to unveil their problems.

Companies often commence the onboarding process before new employees start their work, and this quick process often puzzles employees. Therefore, a perfect onboarding process should take time of at least three or four months, and it is the duty of the employers to provide the employees with proper resources to help them in achieving their goals.

An employee has to be given proper knowledge about the role he or she is going to play in the company. The proper understanding of the position and the precise description of goals not only helps in making an employee interested in the company but also enables him to draw a roadmap to reach these goals.

Setting up a unique culture for the company including its mission and approach can have a strong impact on the minds of employees; to ensure the smooth running of the onboarding process, companies have to draw a clear plan for the same. An appropriate onboarding process is long and gradually builds the mindset of new employees to blend well with the workplace.

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