Embracing New Tools for Better Productivity of Employees

By HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Businesses with a favorable culture always contribute to improved productivity, efficiency, and profits.

FREMONT, CA: Employers have experienced increasing rates of job discontent over the previous years owing to feeling overworked and left out of the decision-making process. They should not lose sight of the importance of reinvesting back into the workforce by involving staff in redefining corporate culture and shaping policies that eventually influence them.

Due to enhanced globalization, one of the fields of exponential growth for workers is in their corporate travel departments, reflected in the staggering quantity of worldwide business travel spending over the past few years. This gives them the opportunity to adopt an increasing job perk while using it as an opportunity to prove their employers' inclusion in the decision-making process. As businesses start to concentrate more on their culture's quality, their travel strategies are changing to allow road warriors to create a productive and effective atmosphere that values work-life balance.

New Culture for a Younger Workforce

A younger workforce that has grown up with the ease of digital technology and value streamlined procedures and one-click solutions now lead numbers of the workers. It is up to HR to embrace new instruments to better cultivate human capital and this new generation of staff if companies are to remain important. Millennials have surpassed all other generations to become the single greatest generation in the workplace since 2016. Their value in perfect business travel has outstripped the workforce with them. This compelled companies to alter their travel policies and extended-stay suppliers to make adjustments to suit their services. Work-life equilibrium has become such a critical requirement that 36 percent of travel executives have indicated a rise in staff demands to add leisure time to company journeys. In addition, 61 percent of executives indicated that their staffs were asking for accesses to better techniques to make travel plans.

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Companies should be encouraged to make these improvements as a happy traveler is equivalent to a better performing road warrior and enhanced retention of employees.

Business Travel Planning

Everyone wins with the change from business-centered business travel planning to a traveler-centered model in the last decade. Individual tourists get more decision and control over where they're going to live on prolonged stay tasks, how they're going to get around and how they're going to fill their free time for a better equilibrium between work and life.

For corporate travel agencies, customizable, one-point reservation resources for prolonged stay accommodations give more control over how much their travelers spend, who are permitted to create their own reservations, how expenses are monitored, and what kinds of accommodation are acceptable under corporate guidance.

Moreover, the ubiquity of mobile devices enables everybody to access business travel planning immediately anytime, anywhere. This comes with the ability to monitor reservations in real-time, create adjustments, and order customer service. The age of long-term business travel planning "self-service facility" is broad open. It's new, and in an aspect of a worldwide company that was famished for a better way to do stuff, it provides instant gratification.

Benefits Beyond the Obvious

Individual travelers' capacity to select and book their own alternatives have more advantages to organizations and their on-the-go staff than just better time management. By streamlining the entire planning and booking process, this newly discovered time effectiveness also gives cost efficiency. It generates an ancillary but noticeable uptick in job satisfaction that translates into the retention of employees. A staff member or executive who regularly travels for prolonged stay job tasks will be pleased if he/she has the opportunity to speak about their travel plans. The new paradigm makes it easier for businesses to attract and maintain employees for their departments of travel planning as travel executives now have more time to plan travel. They can also retain control over expenses, travel policies, and interactions with estate suppliers, maintaining logistic frustrations at bay on a regular basis.

Today's new style of prolonged stay company travel planning is less costly, quicker, and the best way for everyone to see and choose precisely what they want in one location. Global business travel has never been immensely satisfying with regard to today's technology and accessibility. 

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