Effective Ways to Combat Stress at Work

HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Stressing about work can hamper both professional and personal life of a working person. Here we are discussing how to address problematic situations at work and how to mitigate the work-related stress, effectually.

FREMONT, CA: Everyone, who has ever lived a corporate life, felt the pressure of work-related stress as the corporate environment demands a lot from us. Whether it is about meeting the deadlines or reports to deliver or people to deal with, the stress and tension keep on bothering even in the non-working hours. Though working for a purpose adds more meaning to life, excessive work pressure and anxiety to maintain the deadlines create a lot of stress for employees.

Severe stress at work can cause a serious breakdown in employees. Not only does it hamper the employee’s professional performance, but also it affects their physical health causing chronic anxiety, insomnia, changes in the immune system, high blood pressure, gastritis, heart problems, and the length of the list keeps increasing. Stress sufferers start showing a few symptoms such as tiredness, lack of attention, changes in appetite, and muscle tension.

A few factors that can be responsible for stress at work are conflicts with team members, work and personal life imbalance, excessive tasks, and even problems with company policy. It is quite important to cut down all the stress at work in order to live a healthy professional as well as personal life.

Here are some effective ways to reduce work-related stress:

• Locate the Root Causes of Stress- It is advisable to maintain a day-to-day journal in which one can write down about the situations that generated stress at work. Explaining the situation thoroughly may help to identify the root causes of stress. It is also important to note down which actions have helped reduce stress, such as a quick snack break or a walk in the fresh air. Foster Good Relationships with Peers- Relationship with colleagues determine the ability to tolerate more or less stress. Social networking can be a very useful tool while combating with all the accumulated stress and tensions. Unfailing support from the colleagues in difficult times, being valued by the team mates, and having someone understanding can strengthen the resilience towards difficult situations while reducing the extra load of stress off the shoulder.

• Develop Healthy Lifestyle- Getting into the unhealthy habits of fast food diet or alcohol-addiction to deal with stress can have life-threatening consequences in the long run. The healthier the body is, the healthier the mind can be. A good-night sleep and proper diet are some of the necessities to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Yoga or any kind of physical activity can offer a positive outcome while dealing with work-related stress. Also, taking time out for hobbies or doing something that provides happiness can bring back the appropriate balance between professional and personal life.

• Need for Delegation – Overloading one person with tasks cannot be a very effective way to increase productivity at work. It is better to delegate work to the ones who are eager about the proposed task and have the required skill to accomplish it. Thus, meticulously delegating the tasks will help reduce the excess load.

• Re-energize – Work fatigue can slacken the rate of productivity. To keeping up delivering excellent performance, it is recommended to recharge the mind by disconnecting from work activity for a while.

• Discuss with the Boss – In recent times, companies are gradually becoming aware of employee welfare. Healthy employees prove to be more productive. Therefore, an open conversation with the boss about the issues that are generating stress at the workplace and suggestions on possible solutions effective to control these stressful situations can provide better results.

Personal Growth helps get adapted to the corporate environment. Improving skills in areas such as time management, identifying what is expected from the employee, building up a good relationship with colleagues, making changes in the physical environment, and also accepting challenges with a positive approach – all these can contribute to mitigating the stress at work.

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