Continuous Candidate Engagement, The New Model of Recruiting

By HR Tech Outlook | Thursday, April 11, 2019

candidate engagement

Talented employees can change the course of any company. Howeer, candidates have more choices today, and they choose companies, not vice versa.  The recruitment model of the past was built on administrative efficiency, recruiter centered processes which no longer applies. The new trend of putting the candidate at the center calls for a new approach in recruiting. A candidate-centric approach comprises both technology solutions and strategies to engage candidates until onboarding. Continuous candidate engagement comes in here and improves the candidate experience by harmonizing engagement across the recruiting process.

An active continuous candidate engagement encompasses a fresh focus for recruiters to deeply engage with the candidate in meaningful ways along with a technology platform to support high quality, fast interactions. This strategy can improve the effectiveness of engagement across a broader candidate journey. Continuous candidate engagement supports consistent engagement opportunities. Below are a few steps to strategize continuous engagement.

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• Building a career webpage to attract high-quality talent

• Employing social media to recruit from internal employee referrals and running campaigns for vacancies

• Streamlining the application process by requiring fewer clicks.

• Injecting efficiency into recruitment funnel with the help of chatbot technology or video interviews

• Streamlining the candidate communication and on-boarding process with digital forms

• Creating a talent pool of passive candidates who are continuously nurtured

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are playing a critical role in this new model. AI frees up recruiters to spend more time on the labor-intensive tasks by automating routine recruiting tasks like screening resumes, narrowing down the candidate pool, and scheduling interviews. The whole recruitment process should be considered as a customer journey. Communicating with talent can be more comfortable if used the tools to automate follow-ups and send reminders to those who don’t respond to messages. With these recruiters can ensure they never lose touch with top talents and can personalize the candidate experience for a better outcome. Candidates will feel comfortable with the company culture if the brand message stays consistent.

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