Boosting Employee Engagement with AI

By HR Tech Outlook | Friday, January 04, 2019

employee engagement using AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a significant impact on business goals. Companies are grappling with the proliferation of AI and are looking for using the technology in a meaningful way. Among them, the Human Resource department is desperately seeking effective, cost-efficient ways to retain their top talents. AI and Machine Learning (ML) have large implications for human resource management practices. AI transforms data into a comprehensible format and  ML takes it to a step ahead. The data gained through AI can help HR professionals in recruiting new employees as well as retaining and motivating existing employees. AI uses historical data to provide solutions to assist HR professionals in resolving issues.

There are AI-powered HR chatbots which fortify employee relations and support engagement make use of accumulated data to automate the recruitment process by enhancing efficiency. In addition to storing employee information, these chatbots offer an endless conversation with users, instantaneous responses, round the clock availability, and easy accessibility.

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Employee engagement is an ongoing process which starts with on-boarding the new joiner. Including integrating new recruits into the company culture, AI can substantially impact the lifecycle experience of the company for an employee. These include:

• Personalize

• Reduces biased appraisals

• Simplifies recruitment process

•  Improved prediction models

• Recognizing employee contributions

• Equality and fairness

• Managing rewards and benefits

Although AI is entering quickly to the HR management landscape, there are a number of barriers to the adoption of this. Lack of expertise to adopt automation, change management, and infrastructure to manage employee records are some among them. Also, AI cannot substitute human beings in HR since it lacks an emotional human component and cannot address sensitive problems in the workplace.

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