Best Practices for HR Tech Transformation

HR Tech Outlook | Monday, August 26, 2019

In terms of people management, evolving leadership approach, and digital HR is leading the enterprises with innovations and change.

FREMONT, CA: In an ever-changing environment, organizations are under pressure to develop relevant digital capabilities where organization’s people, operations, culture, and structure are in sync with the business aims and overarching strategy.

When it comes to people management, digital HR solutions is leading the enterprises with innovations. However, the preparation needs to extend from bringing processes and systems in line with technology to equipping the workforce with the appropriate digital capabilities.

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Here are some of the aspects that will be critical to HR transformations:

Digital Relationship Mindset

According to a study that examined 400 companies across the globe, digital leaders are a critical factor in any company's success. Majority of the leaders believed that their organization would require either recruiting or developing leaders with leadership skills that are digitally inclined, in the future. New technologies such as cloud, mobility, big data analytics, and social networks are making it mandatory for the leaders to have a completely unique set of skills. There is a simple metric called ‘Digital Quotient' that can measure digital maturity.

Here are the ways in which develop the mindset:

• Leaders must be encouraged to spend time in networking and reading about the activities of other players in the digital space.

• Offering opportunities to learn about technology- seminars, talks, reverse mentoring, coaching can be useful for potential leaders.

• It’s essential to develop an ability to visualize the bigger picture when it comes to technology. It is also crucial to ensure that new technology is aligned with the business aims and will serve the core business purpose.

• Open sessions on technology can also be organized, which will help the leaders to exchange their thoughts, and gain powerful insights from it.

Support and Enable Talent

After the leaders are prepared to face the digital world, it is essential to ensure that the employees are trained in line with the same skills and mindset. Skills like, analytical thinking, communication, listening, and others are getting increasingly critical to thriving in the digital scenario. Firms can groom their resources to acquire these skills, or they can also utilize a fresh recruitment approach to hire talents who have these skills in advance.

Alignment of HR Tech Transformation with Company’s Strategy

HR leaders must take the lead and drive tech transformations in a way which is in line with organizational strategies and business goals. It is crucial to discuss and contemplate the measurable benefits and ROI of any new system before launching the same. Constant check-in with business leaders and effective communication will assist in the alignment of a transformational journey with the firm’s needs.

Innovate with Processes and Systems

Modern advancements that can be applied include carrying out innovations in the domain of entire employment chain, launching fact-based programs, HR service delivery improvements and processes and developing innovative ways to gauge its performance. Coming up with more innovative systems and applying design principles will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the system. Innovations can also be boosted, and transformations can be streamlined by appreciating and rewarding people who assist and support transformations by easily adjusting and adapting to new tech-based systems.

Learning and Growing from the Best Practices

A fresh perspective can be developed by visiting other companies and seeing what they are doing innovatively and differently. Outside speakers can also be invited to share their experience. Thereby, best practices can be adopted as per their relevance within the organization.

Generally, people are resistant to change. Clear communication about the change will help in removing doubts and instilling a sense of trust within the leaders who are eyeing a transformation. Any major transformation has its fair share of overheads and challenges. With proper planning and focus, such transformation can be carried out smoothly.

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