5 Incredible Tips to Master a Video Interview

HR Tech Outlook | Monday, January 13, 2020

Once a candidate makes it past the first selection round, video interviews are the best replacement for a face-to-face meet. Here are some useful tips to master video interviews

FREMONT, CA: Digitization has made the world a comparatively smaller place to live in, where distance doesn't matter anymore. Especially when it comes to hiring workforce from across the globe, HR professionals, as well as candidates, prefer video interviews over physically moving to the workplace. A survey done by Jobbatical says that 47 percent of companies used video interviewing in 2019. Once a candidate makes it past the first selection round, video interviews are the best replacement for face-to-face meetings.

Here are some useful tips for mastering video interviews. 

A Quiet and Well-lit Surrounding 

This is the basic requirement to make any video interviews perfect. Both the interviewer and the interviewee should find out a calm and quiet environment with no background noise for the interview. The place for the interview should be well-lit as both expect to see each other clearly. 

Verify and then Trust Technology 

Technology crash can put the interview off to a bad start, and no one wants that. Video interviews are entirely carried out with the help of technology, with the device and the internet being the key aspects. One must check beforehand whether all the properties of the device like the camera and microphone are working correctly, the internet connection is good, and the device has enough battery for the interview.

Dress Smart and Sit Straight 

Video interviews are as important as face-to-face interviews; hence the professionalism should be maintained. It equally matters how one dresses, sits and responds. A candidate must show that they care enough to impress the HRs, and that puts them at a better place from the beginning. During the interview, a candidate must place himself at an arm's distance from the camera. Sitting too far or too close to the camera makes it difficult for the interviewer to look at the candidate. 

Speak Clearly and Slowly

After dealing with all the technical aspects, one thing that must be given equal attention is—the way of speaking. No one wants to ruin the interview just because of incorrect speaking skills. It is advisable to speak slowly and clearly in the video interview so that the interviewer doesn't have to struggle to note the answers. 

Maintain Eye Contact and Hand Gestures 

It is essential to maintain eye contact with the interviewer. A poor eye contact or frequently staring outside the screen distracts the interviewer's attention. It gives a wrong impression to the interviewer that a candidate is not interested in sitting in the interview. Using hand gestures in a face-to-face interview is fine, but using them in the video interviews look really bizarre. One should refrain from doing it. 

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