5 Benefits of Gamification in Employee Engagement

HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Whether it is using LMS for employee training or any kind of training, integrating gamification will help increase employee engagement and knowledge retention

FREMONT, CA: Introducing gamification through the use of online training software or any other eLearning tool will stimulate training by converting work activity into a more game-like experience. It boosts employee engagement by making training, and other regular tasks, more exciting and appealing. By tapping into the same human motivations which make games entertaining, it stimulates trainees, creating a more skilled learning and training model.

Here are five benefits of gamification in employee engagement & training:

Versatile Learning

Gamified learning provides employees with the option of selecting their preferred schedule to start training course or module. They can access training content from any part of the world from any device, at any time they want.

Emotional Flexibility

Emotional resilience is related to workplace engagement. Integrating a gamified training program can increase employees’ emotional resilience and composure. Knowing that there is a prize or opportunity to level up at the end of a challenging learning task will make them more determined to perform well.

Skill Learning, Development, and Improvement

An advantage of adding gamification elements to online training software is providing plenty of opportunities to employees for learning and development.

Employee Recognition

Implementing gameful training is a useful way to keep a check on which employee is performing particularly well, which one has improved considerably, and which employee is lagging behind and might need a slight warning. It also makes it stress-free for supervisors to manage as it is all carried out automatically.

Employee Feedback

Employee Feedback is one of the essential features of gamification design. It allows learners to understand how they’re progressing and what measures can be taken to optimize their performance.

Using gamification can help employees receive updated and automatic feedback consistently. By including different leader boards in the online training software, employees can observe how they’re doing compared to benchmarks they’ve set for themselves. They can also compare performances with their colleagues in the organization.

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