4 Ways to Appreciate and Motivate Employees

HR Tech Outlook | Monday, November 18, 2019

Employees are an invaluable asset to a company and it is important for the company to make their employees feel motivated and appreciated.

Fremont, CA:  For an employee, public praise is encouraging and there is nothing better than knowing that their efforts are appreciated. Financial incentives are a great motivator, but overcoming the odds and getting their efforts recognized not only one-to-one but in front of others motivates them to work harder and perform better. Employee appreciation is an excellent way to spread motivation, and boost engagement. Here are a few easiest and most impactful ways to incorporate employee recognition into your workplace.

1. Team Meetings

Holding team-wide weekly or monthly meetings is one of the easiest and informal ways to touch base and discuss what the team has been working on. It helps in keeping the team aligned and helps set useful and efficient goals. It is also an excellent opportunity to share an appreciation for work well done, recognize goals reached, or celebrate a teammate’s achievement. It ensures that they are a valued asset of the team.

2. Company-Wide Meetings

Apart from team meetings, conducting company-wide meetings gives employees a chance to share what they have been working on, either in teams or individually, depending on the size of the company. With company-wide meetings, individual achievements can be recognized and celebrated across departments.  

3. Performance Management Tools

A performance management tool is a foolproof way to spread employee recognition without disrupting the daily workflow. With a performance management tool, it is easier to give real-time, 360-degree feedback and regular check-ins with each team member. Moreover, these tools help establish a feedback culture. If employees notice regular feedback and praise in public, they are more likely to perform better.

4. End of the Week Celebration

As excellent practice, end of the week celebration for the small goals achieved by the employees can help them feel recognized and appreciated. Sending out a simple email reminding people to praise their co-workers can encourage collaboration and a sense of comradery. If the organization is too big for sending peer appreciation mails, then this is a great idea to do within teams or departments.

With HR departments and experienced managers, employee appreciation is easier to integrate into the company culture. Combined with constructive and consistent feedback, all the employees from upper management to entry-level employees feel appreciated.

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