How will Employee Recognition Drive Employee Engagement in the Workplace?

HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Employee recognition is emerging as one of the significant factors that ensure talent retention and enhanced productivity in the workplace.

FREMONT, CA – Organizations with well-trained and well-skilled workforce emerge at the forefront in every competitive landscape. Along with skill and knowledge of employees, several other factors ensure their engagement in the workplace, which has made it imperative for companies to integrate robust employee recognition into their work culture.

Exemplary performance by employees has to be recognized and rewarded to inspire the workforce, reinforcing positive behavior, practices, and activities that can lead to enhance business outcomes. A prime motivator for employees is the prospect of being recognized by their peers, and it often requires them to be exceptionally good at what they do.

Rewards and recognition need to be in the form of monetary bonuses and expensive awarding events. Instead, it can be as simple as displaying the achievements of excellent performing employees on a common platform.  Many SaaS providers are offering recognition platforms designed to promote a recognition-led culture in organizations.

Research shows that employee happiness leads to enhanced productivity. Also, recognition instills a feeling of self-satisfaction among employees, driving confidence in their roles. A due acknowledgment will also promote loyalty and collaboration, encouraging positive reinforcement and constructive feedback.

Organizations can significantly improve employee retention by training, developing, and motivating them to perform better and rewarding them for their achievements. The rewards can also be in the form of financial incentives, including raises, bonuses, and stock options. Companies can also leverage incentive programs to show appreciation for employees in the workplace and keep them motivated, thus ensuring the retention of the most valuable assets.

The most effective approaches for talent retention include the implementation of employee recognition platforms. Rather than a standardized approach, organizations can ensure better employee satisfaction by providing personalized recognition to employees according to their accomplishments.

Organizations can leverage technology to incorporate recognition walls on commonly used software platforms, enabling employees to post congratulatory messages on the boards. It will not only inspire the acknowledged employees to do better but will also serve as a motivation for others to do better.

Although there are multiple ways to implement employee recognition in the workplace, it all depends on the work culture. The recognition programs of the company have to all-inclusive and should be open to every employee. The appreciation for exceptional performers will generate augmented employee engagement, employee development, and employee retention.

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