3 Reasons to Implement Reward Technology in Workplace

HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, February 12, 2020

The fear of innovation has held HR back for too long, and while HRDs may be increasingly comfortable in automation, there’s no need to stop there

FREMONT, CA: With technological advancement on the rise, employers are turning to more advanced tools to optimize the worker experience. Rewards and benefits is one such area that is now developing exponentially. Here we are enlisting 3 reasons that make Reward Technology an inevitable thing to be implemented in the organizations.

Personalized Benefit Plans

A one-sized benefit plan does not work for all employees anymore. Implementing a benefit plan that allows workers to pick and choose their plan is one way of buying into the approach to HR. There are many tools available that offer online portal access to employees in which they can select their preferred benefits from month to month.

Virtual Healthcare

One exciting way technology has impacted upon benefits is in the case of virtual healthcare. Platforms that offer workers instant access to medical professionals across the world will not only cut down in absenteeism, but it will also offer support to employees who have serious concerns about any sickness.

International Workforce

Freelancing and remote work culture has seen a significant rise in the recent years. With a staff base scattered across the globe, the HR needs to be extra careful when it comes to a protocol like benefit plans. Investing in a durable human resource information system (HRIS) with additional reward features will ensure that none of the employees are neglected. The tendency of human error is common in all HR departments, and if one employee believes they’re being treated differently from others, there might be a lawsuit against the company.

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