Seven Challenges that Every HR Department Faces

HR Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

With the digital revolution gaining more steam with each passing day, HR teams have to deal with the transparencies that social media and related applications have introduced, to prevent increasing the complications in the recruitment process. The identification and resolution of challenges in HR departments are considered to be of vital importance. That said, the following are the prime human resource challenges, along with solutions to resolve them.

Captivating Promising Talent

The ever-changing job roles, expectations, and the adaptive organizational culture have made the process of attracting talented candidates more challenging for HR teams. To solve this issue, HR departments need to use platforms that are frequented by top talent to monitor candidates based on their skills, industry, and job level.

Adapting to Organizational Changes

Organizations undergoing structural, managerial, procedural, or technological changes can cause employee pushback due to HR teams’ failure in devising a process to help employees adapt to the changes. As a solution, HR departments must create training programs that aid employees to gain skills that they would require to cope with the change.

Cultivating Future Leaders

Without competent and promising employees in leadership roles, the development and subsequent cultivation of future leaders is very difficult. Therefore, to make talented candidates realize their potential for leadership, HR teams can provide regular training that aligns with a clear career progression path.

Developing a Culture for Learning

Today, the lack of development opportunities has become a key reason for employee resignations. Therefore, HR team must take employee engagement a step further by leveraging learning management systems (LMS) that offer gamification functionalities to help employees stay engaged.

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Managing Diversity

Globalization has enhanced the diversity of cultures in a workplace. With culture awareness programs and team building exercises, HR teams can integrate employees from different backgrounds and unite them toward a common goal.

Emphasizing Health and Safety

Today, the high level of stress caused by crunching deadlines is adversely affecting an employee’s mental health. With training programs that include mindfulness and stress coping techniques, coupled with sessions with an emotional intelligence training manager, HR teams can build a stronger workforce.

Creating a Quality Employee Experience

Employee retention in fast-paced companies is one of the greatest HR challenges. Building a culture that improves the employee experience by offering online training, gym facilities, work from home arrangements, and other incentives can encourage all employees.

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