Workplace Systems: Automated Schedules with Employee Inputs

David Farquhar, Group CEO, workplace systemsDavid Farquhar, Group CEO
Today, IT has helped in fostering transparency and offering better workforce management for the enterprise sector. Numerous solutions and tools are being designed for streamlining their workforces and to make the lives of employees better. A well-organized and satisfied employee base goes a long way to maximizing the value of work hours.

Workplace Systems is a firm that has incorporated this thought into their automated scheduling solution and has come up with innovative revenue producing strategies for their clients.

“We enable employers to put the right person in the right place at the right time to maximize business results through the combined effect of what Workplace offers,” says David Farquhar, Group CEO, Workplace Systems.

The firm’s flagship product, Workplace, is a SaaS-based platform that creates schedules, promotes workforce flexibility and employee collaboration.

“Retaining happy employees by offering the ability to be involved in creating schedules and simple schedule management are some of the benefits of the platform,” says Farquhar.

Using Workplace, employees can now give inputs regarding the days and hours they are available to work, time off requests, and willingness to work additional shifts. The platform also allows employees to exchange shifts with their peers who have the same skill set.

“With our Workplace Mobile software, employees can view and modify their schedules on their mobile devices,” says Farquhar. The mobile solution extends the value of the Workplace platform and removes the need for employees to visit their workplace to make changes to their schedules. Workplace Mobile helps improve the work/life balance of the employee through remote access.
The technology from Workplace Systems has been leveraged by clients operating in many sectors like retail, hospitality, leisure, and transport.

“Our clients have been able to gain valuable insights from sales and footfall data using our solutions. These insights have been used by clients to improve and streamline their store operations,” says Farquhar.

Workplace has helped many retailers migrate from pen and paper or spreadsheet-based scheduling processes onto the intuitive platform. Workplace also helps promote collaboration and engagement between employer and employee raising overall workplace satisfaction.

One such client is Wireless Vision, T-Mobile’s largest Premium Retailer. The client needed a solution that could help them provide stellar customer service and increase conversions. In addition, the solution had to be implemented in over 200 stores. Adopting the Workplace scheduling platform helped Wireless Vision meet this goal and simplify their scheduling operations. With Workplace, the client is now able to identify top performers and schedule their work during peak hours. The ease in scheduling also helped managers spend less time in administrative tasks and they could invest this saved time in coaching their sales teams.

We enable employers to put the right person in the right place at the right time to maximize business results through the combined effect of what Workplace offers

As more employers are slowly moving towards a more flexible model with a higher number of hourly paid part time workers, Workplace Systems plans to focus on improving their scheduling platform to help clients utilize their workforce more efficiently and be legally compliant with existing and emerging labor laws.

“Employee self-service and pre-work collaboration are ideas that will play a key role in our roadmap and we will be unveiling new technologies to help employees create fair schedules,” concludes Farquhar.

For the future, Workplace Systems aims to focus on optimized schedule planning, real time sales enablement, product training, and employee advocacy.