TruPay: Steering Next-Gen Workforce Optimization

Mark Rutledge, CEO, TruPayMark Rutledge, CEO
As the “war for talent” wages on, a foolproof HR strategy is key to ensuring a high-quality workforce. However, most organizations today still rely on manual processes and disparate applications when it comes to workforce management. In such a scenario, TruPay is pioneering an intelligent and integrated human capital management (HCM) solution combined with the power of seamless collaboration services. The company’s next generation, cloud-based platform InspireHCM offers a full suite of automated and scalable tools that integrates HR, attendance, and payroll. “Our platform is customizable, and we optimize our solutions to not only meet immediate client requirements but also their long-term strategic goals,” says Mark Rutledge, CEO, TruPay.

InspireHCM comprises a range of applications such as talent management, payroll solutions, and time and labor management that simplify every component of the HCM lifecycle from pre-hire to retire. For optimum benefit, the platform operates through a single database and offers one-view of all employee records. Moreover, since employee data is directly shared across all applications, it speeds efficiency and decision-making for HR administrators. The platform’s recruitment module enables recruiters to source, track, and evaluate talent while providing a consistent applicant experience. Employees are engaged from the very start with onboarding tools and easy mobile access. The module streamlines routine tasks such as benefits administration through employee self-service portals that automate paper-based processes while reducing time spent in enrolling and educating the workforce. Through it all, organizations have access to information-rich dashboards, configurable workflows, and decision-support tools that offer actionable insights and an overall company-wide visibility. “While many of our competitors use off-the-shelf products, we provide employers with a different level of connectivity delivered through a truly collaborative effort,” explains Rutledge.

We optimize our solutions to not only meet immediate client needs but also their long-term strategic goals

TruPay adopts a consultative approach with all clients and tailors innovative solutions that specifically cater to individual client needs. “For example, in case of firms with multiple business units, we roll out solutions keeping in mind that each unit is a separate entity with its own unique challenges,” adds Rutledge. The company’s core value proposition lies in delivering innovative ideas and solutions that not only uplift a client’s existing architecture but also helps future-proof businesses. TruPay’s collaborative approach was brought to light when a US-based public company wanted to enhance its existing facility. After examining a host of providers in the market, the client settled for TruPay, impressed by its vast technology suite and customer-centric methods. “TruPay became the sole choice for the client since the client had charted major expansion plans and our solutions ensure scalability and efficiency with growing needs,” states Rutledge. TruPay not only came in and digitized an entire range of HR activities such as time and labor management and talent management but also took charge of the client’s upcoming endeavors.

With its eyes on future development, TruPay is planning to launch enhanced analytics features in the coming year. “While some HR companies have limited built-in analytics solutions, TruPay’s vision is to consolidate all in-house data into one location to generate advanced analytics,” elucidates Rutledge. By combining data from different systems whether ERP or manufacturing with workforce data, organizations can gain comprehensive insights and heightened transparency. TruPay is also looking at expanding their inbound and outbound marketing efforts and growing nationally. “Soon we see ourselves as the primary vendor of choice that relates to everything HCM while creating new standards and game-changing disruption in workforce solutions through our platform,” ends Rutledge.