Talenya: Revolutionizing Recruitment with Next-Gen Talent Sourcing

Gal Almog, Co-Founder & CEO, TalenyaGal Almog, Co-Founder & CEO "Hiring the right people takes time, the right questions and a healthy dose of curiosity.” This quote of Richard Branson perfectly sums up the unique opportunity and the challenge that the HR industry is facing today. True! The modern digital tools and online platforms have indeed made hiring, easier. However, technology can only go as much as reducing the time for recruitment; they may as well excel at asking the ‘right questions’ to a certain extent. But ‘curiosity’ is a human trait. Therefore, it is only when cutting-edge technologies are coupled with the human touch that the tables are turned for the historically myopic recruitment landscape. Companies that fail to understand this notion will continue to struggle with their talent sourcing objectives, as it is widely observed today.

“For many enterprises, recruitment has remained a ‘misty’ affair. There is a dire need for clarity and transparency in the demand and supply of talent. We are a talent sourcing company of the future, aiming to revolutionize the HR industry!” says Gal Almog, CEO and Co-Founder of Talenya, a one-and-first of its kind solutions provider in the recruitment space.

Addressing the ‘Why’ of Talent Crunch

Even today, recruitment agencies with their supposed ‘expertise’ in hiring talent often take advantage of siloed job market by charging higher service fees. Not to mention the cumbersome back-and-forth communications that companies hold with them. Until recently, the only parameter upon which companies could bank their hopes of netting right candidates was the sizes of resume-database that agencies owned. The advent of job portals, and dedicated social networks for professionals did come off as a sigh of relief to recruiters by democratizing access to resumes. But they didn’t quite solve the hiring predicaments that companies continue to face.

First off, managers expect the HR team to know the in-and-out of the vacancy that may arise within any department. The team is also presumed to have the requisite knowledge to evaluate candidates, salary ranges, and availability in the job market to name a few. With nothing more than a bunch of stringently specific job description pointers, HR personnel begin their hunt for the right candidates in the same vigor that unemployed persons do their job search. Then they hit the wall! For, one-sided portals, forums and job networks do nothing more than helping recruiters build their own resume databases.

Talenya has a standardized process to evaluate, onboard, and train their talent experts who can ‘speak the language of both the candidate and the hiring manager

In other words, HR personnel would have just taken upon themselves, the tasks of traditional recruiting agencies. They would even have to master the intricacies of keyword research to filter-out the right candidates. As such, HR departments are left with nothing but a bunch of generic online tools and assistance of recruitment agencies that resort to the same tools. To add to this challenge, most recruiters chase the same talent pool, all having the same keywords on their LinkedIn profiles.

With years of experience in the HR space, Almog had witnessed firsthand, the looming predicament of recruiters—the lack of a robust, streamlined process that can effectively and proactively connect recruiters and candidates. He set out to find a solution stack and subsequently, turned it into an all-round recruitment service that enabled HR personnel to dive deeper into talent pools rather than just splashing on its surface; Talenya was born.

Bid Goodbye to Recruitment Agencies!

What powers Talenya’s talent sourcing service is its sharp and automated search capabilities driven by machine learning and analytics software. The software can collate the digital footprint of potential candidates across any online platform as well as their work-related trail of activities to create a constantly updated profile. In addition to accurately predicting the probability of a candidate’s likelihood of job-change, the software can even carry out broader searches, which augment traditional Boolean searches by automatically identifying job-role related keywords that the recruiter may not even know. For instance, an HR personnel’s search for ‘Java programmer’ may at best, entail a handful of keywords. They may not know 50 other job titles that could have been used to find the right talent. Thus, Talenya’s software can identify hidden talent and advise recruiters when is the perfect timing to approach them—just moments before they start their job search.

By letting machines do the necessary heavy lifting of candidate identification and short-listing, Talenya’s technology stack takes away the historically herculean and manual workloads associated with recruitment. Talenya can spot the needle in a haystack: be it finding a salesperson with a background in cyber-security, a clinician whose profile matches with the job-requirements for a pharma-analytics company, or even a business manager experienced in the used-items reselling domain. Additionally, the platform can answer all questions related to candidate availability statistics, market demand, salary range, or even what selection criteria needs to be relaxed to receive more applications. This flexibility remarkably reduces the friction between HR and hiring managers while improving the quality of their internal hiring discussion and decision.

Intelligence-Driven Talent Hunt

The second powerful aspect of Talenya’s service stack is its first-of-its-kind ‘crowd-sourced recruiting’ model.
Understanding the importance of the ‘human’ element when it comes to recruitment, the company sets base to expend human expertise where it’s rightfully required for recruitment: in areas of interacting with, and evaluating candidates. Talenya’s web interface provides a streamlined method for vertical-specific industry veterans to club their domain expertise with relevant recruitment skills. Talenya has a standardized process to evaluate, onboard, and train their talent experts who can ‘speak the language of both the candidate and the hiring manager,’ as Almog mentions. Akin to Uber and Airbnb business models wherein cars and homes are crowd sourced, Talenya crowd sources expert recruiting talent. After all, a candidate recommended by a seasoned domain expert carries more credibility than an unguided selection from a recruiting generalist typically found in agencies. Today Talenya has hundreds of domain experts waiting to be inducted into the platform’s group of power-recruiters. “We provide them with clients, candidates, and tools to be successful. Within two weeks of training, they can be up and running,” adds Almog.

Furthermore, candidate feedback and status observed and obtained by crowd-sourced recruiters are automatically updated across candidate profiles and maintained in Talenya’s system, such that, at the end of the day, only the latest and relevant information is put forth to the company’s clients.

"Talenya reduces time to hire by up to 80 percent and guarantees companies with at least 3-5 ‘ideal’ candidates within ten days"

Unbeatable Go-to-Market Strategy

Besides its novel approach to automate recruiting, Talenya beats traditional recruitment agencies with its unique pricing model. While traditional recruitment agencies charge as much as 30 percent of a candidate annual salary as fees, Talenya’s rates are as low as 12 percent, as Almog mentions; thanks to the powerful, readily deployable and technology and process stack that the company has established.

From sourcing the list of ‘ideal’ candidates to undertaking full-fledged recruitment on client’s behalf, Talenya covers it all. Talenya’s talent sourcing formula leverages the best of both machine and human capabilities to reduce client’s time to hire by up to 80 percent. Even in the pilot stage, Talenya guarantees to deliver its potential clients, at least 3-5 ideal candidates within ten days; a bold claim that few other agencies can make.

Winning Clients and Racing Ahead

Talenya’s clientele includes several renowned names such as Teradyne, ADP and Nielsen to name a few. Almog shares stories of clients who had to speed-up their internal recruitment process to keep up with the pace at which Talenya sourced candidates to them. He also shares instance where companies dropped their partnership with other recruiting agencies to rely on Talenya as their sole provider of talented candidates. One such account goes as follows. For more than six months, a banking entity remained unsuccessful in filling a crucial vacancy in one of their regional branches. With Talenya’s research, they could figure out why. When Talenya performed a talent pool analysis for that job, it found that the city only two ideal candidates both of whom were not ready for job change. On broadening their search criteria, the bank could fill the vacancy.

By introducing many ‘firsts’ in the history of recruiting, Talenya continues to revolutionize recruitment across industry verticals. “We have modernized a very antiquated industry; the greater vision of Talenya is to become world’s largest talent sourcing company,” concludes Almog.
- Vishnu K
    November 06, 2018