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Erick Straghalis, President and Chief Strategy Officer, StitchDXErick Straghalis, President and Chief Strategy Officer
Today’s mobile and tech-savvy—and often younger—workforce has high expectations for the connected workplace. They expect digital capabilities that empower and enable them to succeed, with the functionality and intuitive interfaces of the apps they use every day.

For an HR or communications professional, delivering on these expectations is not easy. Especially when the digital employee experience is already defined by an overwhelming abundance of technology and tools promising better connectivity and engagement. Large enterprises can use hundreds of different collaboration tools, often leaving employees confused and paralyzed.

“This is what we call the Digital Paradox,” says Erick Straghalis, President and Chief Strategy Officer at StitchDX. “Digital tools have enabled us to be better and more connected than ever. But those same tools haven’t necessarily made us better or more engaged.”

This, says Straghalis, is where StitchDX delivers breakthrough strategies and solutions to enable businesses to connect their people and drive better engagement. “As a Digital Experience Agency, we focus on helping businesses understand, implement, and adopt the right technology and processes to improve employee engagement, boost customer acquisition, optimize user experience, and attain high-impact growth goals.”

StitchDX works with SMBs to large enterprise organizations across North America and Europe to define strategies that unify and simplify the digital landscape into a “single pane of glass”, streamlining the digital employee experience while simultaneously driving engagement.

What sets StitchDX apart is its approach to building customer solutions. “We focus on aligning mission, vision, and goals with action, results, and revenue,” affirms Straghalis. “Our goal is to drive better business outcomes through better employee experiences.”

Enabling those outcomes starts with a workplace strategy that helps workers feel more aligned with organizational objectives. To achieve this, StitchDX has developed a proven and proprietary Design Thinking-based Discovery process that leverages three key aspects of the employee experience:

Businesses that make people a priority will have people that make their business a priority, whether they’re customers or employees

1. People: “Businesses that make people a priority will have people—customers and employees—that make their business a priority,” asserts Straghalis. People are the largest and most complicated asset of any organization. StitchDX recognizes the needs, expectations, and working behaviors of various types of workers and develops persona-based solutions to create personalized experiences that drive repeat engagement at the individual level and deliver business-level results.

2. Process: StitchDX builds a deep understanding of the organization’s priorities and key initiatives, as well as any challenges to achieving them. This includes developing knowledge about important employee communications, organizational structure, and functional areas, as well as the mission and vision that leadership teams want to align against.

3. Technology: “High-impact digital workplace solutions allow organizations to decentralize content management, while targeting relevant communication to global and local communities within the organization,” says Straghalis. StitchDX develops scalable and flexible taxonomical and information architecture strategies while adhering to the organization’s security and permissioning requirements. This includes combining data sources such as collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint-based data, and HR and LMS platforms like Workday and Kronos for targeted employee onboarding experiences, all built on a robust digital workplace platform like Akumina.

As most recently evidenced by the launch of a new intranet for a bookseller with more than 850 stores nationwide, StitchDX’s proprietary Discovery methodology drives higher levels of engagement across organizations. From corporate employees to hourly store workers, a better aligned workforce leads to improved customer experiences.

That’s the power of a unique, customized digital employee experience—a better digital workplace that:

• Serves the needs of the organization and the individual

• Drives communication, collaboration, and innovation

• Enables and empowers users to make a bigger positive impact every work day.

The employee engagement challenge largely centers around employee expectations for the digital workplace, and necessary alignment with organizational mission, vision and objectives. StitchDX is ready to help organizations meet those expectations and solve the engagement challenge through strategy-driven digital workplace design and implementation.
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Erick Straghalis, President and Chief Strategy Officer

StitchDX is a digital experience agency focused on helping organizations reach and engage with their customer audiences—internal and external. The company’s brand-first approach delivers services and solutions that help its customers optimize user experience, improve marketing, and leverage technology to achieve high-impact growth goals around employee engagement and customer acquisition. StitchDX’s core philosophy is centered on driving engagement and communicating with all stakeholders that propel an organization’s success. Whether the clients’ objectives are focused on improving work management and collaboration or driving strategic marketing efforts, StitchDX helps organizations navigate the dizzying landscape of technology choices to leverage the right digital experience platforms for their needs