SoGoSurvey: Harnessing Data for Employee Engagement

Hamid Farooqui, CEO, SoGoSurveyHamid Farooqui, CEO

The modern workplace is headed towards a data-driven employee engagement strategy that has foundational benefits to organizational growth. Manifesting from the early spurts of innovation, HR technology has become an enabler for the transformational journey of the ‘business of people.’ To that end, efforts are directed toward gathering data, the common denominator of success in every business. Nevertheless, not many companies are tuned into gathering data the easy way, more so for an abstract entity like employee engagement. And that’s precisely what SoGoSurvey helps them with—through surveys. With an array of survey tools, templates, and reporting functionalities, SoGoSurvey brings an effective means to measure and manage all employee-related activities in one place in a revolutionarily cost-effective manner.

“A genuine program of employee engagement relies on measuring key indicators, identifying trouble areas, and finding points of celebration to learn from. We have a survey bank full of templates and customized survey instruments to address these issues,” explains Hamid Farooqui, CEO of SoGoSurvey. The company delivers out-of-the-box employee engagement surveys that are easy to create, share, and analyze, in order to enhance communication, employee recognition, and career growth opportunities for active employee engagement. While a wide range of options allow the administrator to make custom surveys with powerful branching and question-types, the platform also contains easy-to-use templates to assess specific areas such as employee appraisals, exit surveys, manager effectiveness, company culture, work-life balance, and benefits administration.

For instance, Lynn Gates, the director of Americas’ Systems Engineering Development at Juniper, approached SoGoSurvey to help her create a self-assessment of her team’s technical skills. Initially having to deal with hundreds of emails and spreadsheets to aggregate for analysis, Lynn found SoGoSurvey to be an invaluable tool.

SoGoSurvey brings an effective means to measure and manage all employee-related activities in one place in a revolutionarily cost-effective manner

“I use SoGoSurvey to collect input for everything from true survey-type questions to nominations for awards to prioritized submissions for training seats. And that’s all on top of my original use case. I can consolidate all the responses in a single yet multi-functional report,” she says.

The survey software’s easy and intuitive design interface allows the administrator to view reports in multiple ways and at various scales. Reminders can be sent to the participants who are yet to respond, and the surveys can be filled out on any device. Farooqui notes that SoGoSurvey has found the best architecture to engage users from a pre-populated contact list on multiple channels such as e-mail, social networking sites, text, and so on, and yet maintain their anonymity—a crucial component in surveys to encourage open-minded participation.

The company provides full-time phone-based support and online training to its customers. SoGoSurvey also maintains high-touch interactions with their clients to stay in tune with the emerging trends in employee engagement, retention and company culture. The company is developing the SoGoSurvey Employee Engagement Software making a foray into the areas of specialized solutions, such as measuring employee engagement and assessing employee benefits, team evaluation, manager evaluation, and taking stock of company culture.

SoGoSurvey delivers its survey tools to not only data-centric enterprises, but also academic institutions and non-profit organizations at affordable prices. “That is what helps us as a company—enabling organizations in search for good data to know workforce satisfaction levels—and brings us to the field as challengers of the status quo and the big name contenders,” highlights Farooqui. In the backdrop of data becoming a critical piece in industries every day, SoGoSurvey is positioned to revolutionize workforce engagement by bringing the power of data to its customers.