Sloan Group International: Holistic Leadership Development for Competitive Agility

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Karlin Sloan, CEO, Sloan Group InternationalKarlin Sloan, CEO
Today’s leaders require greater and more varied abilities than at any time in the past … and the greatest of these is adaptability. “Never before has the rate and pace of change been greater,” says Karlin Sloan, CEO of Sloan Group International (SGI). “Our work develops leaders to thrive in today’s turbulent business environment.”

Directing and influencing teams through organizational change, creating innovative and purposeful work environments, guiding and developing a new diverse work force, handling successions, and being able to ‘keep cool’ under pressure are just a few of the capabilities expected of today’s leaders. Leadership is no longer a one size fits all abstract. It is a construct that demands scientific assessment and tailored adoption to diverse enterprise work cultures—in tune with industry verticals and changing business climates—to enable talented individuals to steer organizations forward. As imperative as it is, identifying, nurturing, and fostering strategic leadership is not an easy task.

“The rapidly intensifying pace of change is really challenging for executives. The human brain is not optimized for this level of constant change and transformation, “says Sloan. Since 2000, her company has enabled organizations to gain competitive advantage by improving the agility of their leadership. SGI’s ground-breaking work on Resilience began 12 years ago to specifically address leaders’ agility in adapting to rapid change. The firm’s Resilience at Work AssessmentTM is the most thorough, robust and actionable tool on resilience in the market today.

SGI utilizes flexible design and program roll-out methodologies to align with clients’ specific culture and core business objectives. SGI’s Executive Presence and Influence (EPI) program enables leaders to be strategically and powerfully persuasive.

The rapidly intensifying pace of change is really challenging for executives. The human brain is not optimized for this level of constant change and transformation

“We also have programs called Leadership Accelerator and Strategic Mindset that are based on cutting-edge research on business acumen,” Sloan adds. “As we partner with clients to help leaders perform at their best, we are really looking at how we can create the capabilities to respond in a way that is less reactive and more proactive, thoughtful, and strategic,” says Sloan.

SGI adopts a holistic approach toward leadership development, one that involves continual qualitative assessment. SGI leverages the right mix of technology and research to ensure the relevancy of programs and bring about development backed by a scientific approach to inspiring leadership. For SGI, assessments are crucial in revealing current leadership strengths, shortcomings, and requirements to determine optimized courses of action. SGI brings to the table award-winning proprietary individual and enterprise-wide assessments including an Executive Presence Self-Assessment that helps managers and C-level executives to determine their strengths and challenges in effectively influencing others for desired business outcomes.

SGI maintains a blue-chip roster of clients in the financial, healthcare, and technology industries, and is known for helping nascent companies and organizations in transition position themselves for industry-leading performance. The company leverages a web-based platform to seamlessly scale its services delivery and provides its Impact Manager App to enable clients to gain real-time ROI and performance measures of their programs.

Having established itself in the market as a sought-after senior executive brand, SGI is now delivering programs to a broader base of leaders across an enterprise as management structures become flatter. Cutting-edge R&D and technology remain primary development areas for SGI and a core focus going forward is continued collaboration with Human Resources Executives and Business Unit Leaders to demonstrate ROI value in leadership development programs.